New Teleport Island, Reworked Trainers, Roulette System , Familiars, Custom Quests, Teleports Spawn and more! Read More...

Today, we introduced new spawns like, Soulwar (Bosses, monsters and items), Bakragore (bosses, monsters, new custom maps, new items), Soulwar (Bosses, monsters, new items), Fear Feaster (Bosses, monsters, items), Falcon & Cobra Bastion (Cobra custom(Bosses, monsters, new items)), Urmahlullu's, and some fixes!

Start your adventure on our Custom Real Map, navigate the oceans to found new Isles, new Worldbosses, or go simply to another city! New Stuff, more than 45 new monsters, 10 World bosses, more than 30 new items and more!
Enjoy today an unique custom experience!.

For the next update, we want advise all players, that you can continue playing, there will no be any resets, but each player needs to empty the houses before map change's, also houses owner will be removed to avoid any problems.
Soon the map will be changed for a Real Map Customized, with the same systems as now, boat system, deck, badges, world bosses, everything same, we wanted to inform you that this update take a while to do it.
Update will be announced here 1 day before the update.

New Boat System, navigate to all continent with a ship! Deck System, reinvented vocations playstyle with new elements! New Badges to make you much power, New World bosses with new stuff and more!

New Expansion update: Several Places have been added to Hellgrave Exodus including: Bakragore & Bosses, Soulwar Maps & Bosses, Falcon & Cobra Bastion, Secret Library & Bosses, Deep Desert, King Zelos & Mini bosses, Kilmaresh & Boss, Feaster of Souls, Bounac and more!
New Related Items added: Grand & Sanguine Items, Soul Items, Cobra & Falcon, Fear Loots, Secret Library, King Zelos loots, but also mounts & outfits related!

New Dungeon Update - 9 December 2023

New Dungeon Master of The Elements, New Tier's with Azure portals Sets , new monsters !

Azure Portals Update - 23 November 2023

New Azure Portals spawn around Hellgrave continent, defeat aberrations and find Azure Boss to collect new sets! New monster spawn chance when killing certains monsters...

Herbalist Update - 14 November 2023

Created a new Herbalist skill, collect resources from plants & flowers, sell them or craft new potions. New recipes , which will be obtained from various monsters.

Dungeons Update - 30 October 2023

Introducing Dungeon System, one new dungeon called Bones, with monster levels , new stuff, new ressources and more!.

Ancestral System Update - 22 October 2023

Introducing an Ancestral Tasks System New NPC Called Armin , this NPC gives Tasks for players to complete, but also gives daily tasks, which can be done every 24 hours, solo or with party do tasks and receive new rewards, aura & wings!

Woodcutting System
Woodcutting Update - 15 October 2023

A woodcutter system, based on Skill woodcutting that determines the new Woodcutter skill, with new resources, which can be sold in the first place to the NPC Rostock. 5 New Types of Trees to cut, each with its own level, similar to mining.

Mining System
Mining Update - 13 October 2023

New Mining System with custom Skill Mining, start gathering with a pick on veins founded around Hellgrave! There is 7 Types of veins that can be minned ...