About me

My name is Dmitri Pavlutin.
I am web & mobile software developer who enjoys about coding, learning and sharing knowledge.

My web development practice includes:

  • JavaScript language, ES2015 and beyond versions
  • React and Angular frameworks
  • Web dev instruments like Babel, Mocha, Istanbul, Rollup
  • NodeJS platform
  • HTML/CSS, responsive design

The iOS development practice includes:

  • Swift programming language
  • iOS applications for iPhone and iPad devices
  • CocoaTouch framework
  • Auto-layout and size classes
  • CocoaPods, Swift Package Manager


JavaScript projects:

iOS projects:


If you're searching for a skilled JavaScript/React/Frontend engineer, I am opened for new job opportunities. Send me now an email to dmitri@rainsoft.io or a message, and I will become a valuable member of your devs team.


I like to grow by solving difficult problems. Computer science questions, efficient algorithms, comfortable data structures, clean code, scaling, design patterns are the practices that I learn and improve myself every day.

Open source

I have a strong believe in the power of the Open Source software. Amazing how many technologies evolved based on open communities and enthusiasts. As a developer, I'm proud to be a part of this process.

Check my open source JavaScript library vocajs.com.


My passion is to constantly learn and teach. This blog is a way to help people become better through reading, learning and discussing. Follow me @panzerdp to get in touch with latest publications.

Sharing experience on Stackoverflow is a key aspect of my activity too.

Contact me at dmitri@rainsoft.io
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