7 Best Google AdSense Alternatives for Bloggers

If you’re looking for a new way of monetising your website, we suggest looking into some cool Adsense alternatives. While it is true that Google Adsense is the most commonly used tool, there’s no reason why you can’t explore further.

The internet is filled with tools that help boost your website’s income by featuring multiple ads. It only makes sense to take full advantage of everything available online. As the saying goes, the more, the merrier!

But before embarking on a search for some alternatives to Adsense, let us take a moment to understand what Adsense is.

What is Adsense, and why you should apply to Adsense?

Google Adsense is essentially an advertising tool that helps generate income from your website or blog. It does this by displaying advertisements in the form of images, videos, and texts throughout your webpage. In short, Adsense is a software via which we can add ads to websites.

If you want an example of a Google Adsense ad, chances are you’ve already seen them. It is the default tool implemented by Google, which handles all advertisement facilities.

Google automatically tracks the activity level on your website and maintains a score of the same. Once a certain level of clicks has been achieved, it allows you to join the Adsense program. Of course, you must match Google’s eligibility criteria before you can start using the tool.

Having Adsense on your website is a great way to earn some secondary income. In fact, Google pays you around $18 for 1000 views generated on your website. That’s not bad, considering you aren’t actually doing any work.

Why should I look into alternatives to Adsense?

It is estimated that over 38.3 million websites actively implement Google Adsense features. It is clearly one of the most influential advertising softwares used around the world. If that’s the case, why on earth would anyone want to look for Google Adsense alternatives? Isn’t it better to stick to Adsense?

While it is true that Adsense is extremely popular, it’s always good to do some extra digging. After all, you might find something great along the way.

The primary reason for looking at alternatives to Google Adsense is the revenue rates. The current rate for Adsense is 68% of all ad-generated income. While this is a good number, there might be Adsense competitors that offer better terms.

Also, the minimum payout for Adsense is $100, which is quite a high number if you’re running a smaller website.

Another reason to look into alternatives is the strict eligibility criteria implemented by Google. It is not uncommon at all for Google to disqualify or disable your Adsense account for a plethora of reasons. This can be extremely annoying for website owners looking to earn a few extra bucks.

Just imagine spending hours setting up and enabling your Adsense account and then suddenly losing everything in a matter of seconds. Trust us, that’s happened before.

Read ahead to find out about some of the best alternatives for Google Adsense.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives


If you’re in the market for a Google Adsense alternative that shares 90% similar features with Adsense, this is it. This joint service owned by Yahoo and Bing is the closest alternative with the most similarities.

source: media.net

The revenue rate and minimum payout amount are the same as Adsense. It’s almost like an identical twin, except it’s a rival of Adsense.


If you’re someone who owns a blog website, chances are you’ll love Monumetric. This is an advertising network that caters specifically to bloggers.

source: Monumetric

Usually, advertising tools only pay you when a visitor clicks on an ad, but this isn’t the case for Monumetric. The network pays you based on visibility rather than clicks, meaning you get paid just for showing the ads to visitors.

Despite the low payment rate, one can earn enough by focusing on good-quality content and attracting high traffic ads on websites. One advantage is the low minimum payout of $10.

Propeller Ads

This network specializes in using pop-under ads rather than the typical display ads. This means that the ads won’t show up on the web page but instead will pop up when the page is closed.

Propeller Ads
source: Propeller Ads

One advantage here is that there is no minimum website traffic requirement. This means that you don’t have to boost your traffic to a certain level to use this tool. The minimum payout for Propeller ads is $5.


Revcontent is an ad tool that is most suitable for websites that generate high traffic daily. To qualify as a partner with Revcontent, you must generate at least 50 thousand visitors per month.

It is quite exclusive and difficult to get into; however, your site is guaranteed to boost significantly once selected as a partner. It is a good option for websites with a regular and heavy supply of exciting content. The minimum payout rate for Revcontent is $50, which is half that of Google Adsense.


Mediavine is by far the highest-paying advertising network with a revenue sharing rate of 75%. Although the pay rate is higher than Adsense, the minimum page view requirement is the same, i.e., 50,000 visits.

source: Mediavine

This platform mainly caters to lifestyle bloggers with a high number of subscribers. The minimum payout here is $25 in the case of Paypal and $200 in the case of international direct deposit.


Infolinks is the best option for websites that are specifically text-heavy and informative. The software works by scanning your content for certain keywords and then assigning relevant ads to the text. We love how the ads pop up as we hover the mouse over a relevant keyword.

source: Infolinks

Since this is a text-centric software, it is evident that blogs websites would have an advantage here. The minimum payout for InfoLinks is $50.

SHE Media

SHE Media
source: SHE Media

SHE Media is the go-to advertisement network for websites catered to the female audience. Candidates engaging in SHE Media must have at least 20,000 views in a month. What’s more, the visiting audience must be at least 70% female.

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