6 Best Alternatives to YouTube You Probably Didn’t Know About

Looking for a fresh alternative to YouTube to branch out your content? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! Check out our list of the best youtube alternatives in the market.

Youtube is currently the most popular video streaming platform, with billions of users logging in every day. Ever since its creation, it has been on the steady rise to world domination. Today, it enjoys a monopoly in the video streaming website market.

Let us look at a few statistics to give you an idea of its worldwide popularity. There are more than 240 million Youtube subscribers in the USA alone. That number is around 467 million in India, with Indonesia at 170 million subscribers.

With the amount of success it has had on the internet, people are starting to ask the question, is there an alternative to youtube? Will we ever see a YouTube replacement in this lifetime? Will YouTube die out over time?

Well, to tell you the truth, there is no other platform strong enough to challenge Youtube’s hold on the market. However, there have been some secondary alternatives for Youtube that are worth checking out.

These websites don’t exactly qualify as a viable YouTube replacement, but they offer some unique features that might interest you. So although we haven’t found the next YouTube platform yet, we do have some exciting surrogates that you might want to be a part of.

YouTube alternatives on Social media

If you’re pretty active on social media, you already know several other video platforms similar to youtube. Popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram already have their own dedicated video players. Although these can be seen as alternatives to youtube, they don’t have the capacity to stand in as an official replacement.

Facebook has its very own Facebook watch, while Instagram uses the stylish IGTV to stream its content. While these are both impressive video players, they are not free of limitations.

On top of that, these video players are designed to be in-house assets rather than something that can actually compete with Youtube. In other words, they can only flourish within their own domains.

To be honest, there aren’t many video platforms other than Youtube that have reached similar heights of success. But that means that there’s ample space for a new YouTube substitute website to share the limelight. In this article, we’ll be looking at the 6 best YouTube alternatives for creators.

Top YouTube alternatives for content creators


Dailymotion is probably the best alternative to YouTube that you can find on the internet. The streaming platform can be considered youtube’s younger brother rather than its direct competition.

image source: Dailymotion

This is the best place to start if you’re looking for a secondary platform to release your content. Its audience size of 300 million cannot match that of youtube, but it’s better than any other options.


If you’re really into music, you’ve probably come across Vevo. This is a video streaming platform that encourages the growth of the music video market.

image source: Vevo

Vevo has one of the most impressive music libraries in the world, featuring exciting artists, mainstream or otherwise. Watch thousands of entertaining music videos, documentaries, and web series in exceptional HD quality.

If the name sounds familiar to you, that’s because you’ve seen it on youtube. That’s right, Vevo has a YouTube channel for almost every artist in the world. That just goes to show how influential the video platform actually is.


Vimeo is a video streaming platform that prioritizes quality and uniqueness rather than popular demand. It definitely isn’t a parallel platform for youtube, but it has its own way of doing things.

image source: logos-world

If you’re looking for other platforms like YouTube, this isn’t what you’re searching for. What we mean is that you won’t find the same kind of mainstream content on this website.

Instead, Vimeo is a collection of short films, music videos, and similar content that is more on the tasteful side. Vimeo also features a platform tailored for content creators called Vimeo create. It offers professional tools and stock footage for video creators who are looking to increase their influence.


Dtube is a parallel universe that aims to incorporate all the good qualities of YouTube without including those pesky data-stealing corporations. The video platform believes in freedom of speech and the right to privacy above anything else. It is essentially a website just like youtube, but better in some ways.

image source: Dtube

Dtube is a decentralized platform that uses blockchain technology to share video content among users. The platform is free of ads and doesn’t reveal your user data to anyone. The website is so private that it doesn’t even keep track of your watch history; how cool is that!

Video creators have a chance to produce content that is free from any censorship or restrictions. What’s more, it allows users to earn cryptocurrency based on their video performance. Dtube currently doesn’t have a big following; however, we project a steady rise in influence in the near future.


Brightcove is a premium website specifically designed for content creators in the business sector. It has already amassed a considerable following from Fortune 500 listed companies.

image source: Brightcove

The platform offers impeccable live streaming and video hosting capabilities that help your enterprise stand out. What’s more, it uses OTT technology to enable users to connect to devices such as mobile phones and TVs.


SproutVideo is a platform that provides top-notch marketing solutions and strategies for small enterprises. If you’re looking for a creative way to grow your business, this is definitely the right choice.

image source: SproutVideo

The platform lets you customize almost every aspect of your website, including the option to use a unique player for each page. What’s more, the video player works as a great tool to generate leads.


9GAG is a website designed to entertain users with the most viral content and latest trends. It is a massive repository of short, funny videos guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

image source: 9GAG

What we love about this platform is the ability to popularise content that is yet to go mainstream. You’ll love browsing through the sheer number of shenanigans this platform offers.

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