7 Best Free Blogging Sites to Start a Blog Now

In today’s modern tech world, everyone is aware of blogs & blogging. Blogging platforms are basically online publishing software to help authors/writers publish product reviews, opinions, posts, and articles.

With over a staggering 77% of daily online blog readers, blogging has become a critical component in driving modern business.

But are you monetizing this opportunity? If not, then worry not. Today we’re here to discuss the best free blogging sites currently available, along with some introductory preview of blogging in general.

How Does Blogging Work? 

Blogging works by writing and publishing views on a particular subject. Writers normally engage audiences through informational websites or online journals.

The main purpose of the blog published is to engage and connect with a relevant audience. Another factor in play is to increase traffic and convert quality leads to one’s website.

How to Start Blogging for Free

With the proper aim and resources, any individual can start a blog. First, you’ll have to decide on a blog name, also called a domain name. Then research and select the best blogging sites/platform. Next, you can start looking for a hosting web service.

Creating a Blog For Free vs. Going Self-Hosted

Before deciding between the “blog for free” and “self-hosted” options, you’ll have to first take into account what your blogging aims and goals are. Does it intend to make income or build a business? Is the blog a product of hobby/journaling with no financial interest, or is it something else?

If the answer is to make an income or create a business plan, then the natural and best option is to go for a self-hosted blog.

If you’re starting out just now, there are plenty of self-hosted free blogging platforms such as WordPress to avoid costly work transitions. Remember that the self-hosted option is a necessary bet if you’re looking to invest in an income-generating project.

7 Best Free Blogging Websites

Getting back to the vital matter at hand, we have compiled a list of the 7 best free blogging websites for bloggers.

Each platform comes with different sets of features, so if you’re looking for anything specific, we suggest you compare these sites and choose the best option available for you.

Let’s get started!


Wiz is the ultimate beginner-friendly free blogging site. It is an easy to use draw & drop website builder that allows users to drop various elements anywhere on any page.

source: Wix

Some of the features Wix provides are:

  • 500+ themes & templates.
  • Multilingual stores.
  • Track traffic plus Google Analytics.
  • Large number of templates were filtered for different categories.
  • Allows users to create personal blogs for an online store or portfolio website.


WordPress is not a new name. It is a world-leading free-to-use and open-source CMS. Although the platform started as a blogging platform, it now has several significant features over the years, making it increasingly useful for bloggers.

source: Seriously Good Design

In recent years, WordPress has emerged as a complete content management software. Some of its features include:

  • Hosts provide WordPress installation via cPanel in just a few clicks.
  • It offers simple posts or page addition on the site.
  • Plug-ins offer excellent unofficial support.
  • Backward compatibility.
  • Creating web pages for multiple blog functionality.
  • Option for either self-hosting or WordPress hosting is provided.
  • Design multiples pages without any need for coding skills via page builder plugins.


Rumble is hands down one of the top high-performing sites that fall under the “best free blogging sites” tab. It’s a site most definitely made for engagement.

source: Tumblr

It allows users to post content ranging from multimedia on micro-blogs to social channels via a single dashboard. Tumblr basically will enable you to control and manage multiple accounts while also keeping a tab on the content calendar.

Some of the features of Tumblr include:

  • Support for video uploads, audio, chat, link, quote, image, and text.
  • It also allows scheduling your post.
  • It automatically posts to Twitter and Facebook.
  • It allows users to like posts, re-blog, and comment.
  • Page customization tools.


Strikingly is another free site builder that offers users a combination of site-building and beautiful design implementation. It’s a blogging development platform that relies on scrolling through a single-page design and sections that allow viewers to navigate easily.

source: Strikingly

Some of the features as provided by Strikingly include:

  • Every site comes with built-in analytics
  • It enables complete e-commerce functionality, meaning you can also sell products through your site.
  • It offers a responsive design for both desktop and mobile.
  • It allows review of full sample sites and built-in templates.
  • It facilitates a simple site-building process.


Another easy-to-use site builder tool is Site123. It is considered a great free blog platform that allows users to create blogs, e-commerce sites, and small business websites in just a few clicks.

source: Site123

Some of its prominent features/offerings include:

  • Visually pleasing interface
  • Caters to different industries
  • It offers over 250 design templates
  • It allows users to build an essential website for blogs
  • It suggests SEO tools that enable optimized blogging website


Medium is a type of content publishing platform that allows people to share stories & insights. This is one of the efficient free blog platforms where users can share and post original ideas & viewpoints with the public as well as member readers. This platform is highly beneficial for beginners as it can help find compelling ideas, perspectives, and knowledge.

source: Medium

Some of its features include:

  • It provides the option of URL customization
  • It offers the user an easy-to-use editor to help focus on creation rather than wasting time on formatting.
  • It enables automated story descriptions for users.
  • It provides a partnership program for individuals or firms.


The last one on our list is Blogger. It is another blog-publishing service bloggers can use to create & maintain their sites. It comes with great functionality & design tools. It is a free blogging platform known to work seamlessly, which helps reduce the need for buying, installing, and managing separating applications to develop the webpage.

source: Blogger

Blogger comes with the following features:

  • It allows raw conversion
  • It provides drag & drop interface for blog editing.
  • It comes with web feed options
  • It offers the possibility to build private blogs
  • It enables link editing in its compose mode
  • It provides country-wise blogger addresses
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