7 Best Grammar Checker Tools of 2023 (Free & Paid)

Why use Grammar tools? Writing professionally is a must-have skill that can be achieved by using a reliable Grammar tool. There’s no room for grammatical errors or silly mistakes regarding your punctuation or sentences. That’s why most of us heavily rely on grammar-checking apps to write clear and meaningful sentences.

Grammar softwares help us provide a clearer message by correcting any mistakes in grammar, spelling, and overall sentence creation. This is why grammar tools have become a crucial element of professional life. They make our ideas and thoughts sound more polished and relatable on paper.

Grammar tools, both free and pay to use, have become an essential aspect of professional communication. Today, we will be looking at some of the best grammar checker tools available on the internet in 2022.

Best free Grammar checker tools in 2022

Statistics show that people readily accept free products when compared to paid ones. It’s no different in the case of Grammar checker tools as well. These free softwares work as grammar checking websites, as well as downloadable tools. Here is our list of the best free grammar tools.


First off on our list is the ever so popular Grammarly software. This free grammar tool has exploded all over the internet with a growing active user base of over 30 million.

source: Grammarly

That leaves us with the question, why is Grammarly so popular? Well, to put things simply, the software is free, fun to use, and extremely attractive to users.

Grammarly effectively checks for weak grammar or sentence constructions and simultaneously offers corrections. The software smoothly integrates itself into your work and strives to improve it. This free writing checker tool is delightfully convenient and makes for a fun-filled writing session.

Grammarly avoids overcomplicated sentences, turning your writing into something simple yet effective. We found this software great for writing essays, articles, and professional emails. What’s more, you can get the paid version for added features.


 If you’re looking for a simple and basic grammar checker tool for beginners, OnlineCorrection is the software for you. There is no downloadable version for this tool, and it has to be used online.

source: OnlineCorrection

The OnlineCorrection website contains a boxed section where you can paste your written text. The website will then notify you of any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or faulty sentences. What’s more, you can check a small tick-box to automatically correct these errors as they appear.

Additionally, you can convert the text into several dialect options, including Australian, South African, and New Zealand. Overall, it’s one of the best online grammar checker tools available today.

Hemingway App

Named after the American Novelist Ernest Hemingway, the Hemingway App proves to be an excellent tool for creative writers. This free-to-use website makes your writing sound poetic and distinct with quality. This is quite different from the other softwares, which only focuses on making you sound professional.

Hemingway App
source: Hemingway

This free-to-use software is not only great for checking sentence grammar but also for overall sentence impact. This makes the app a powerful tool for fictional and creative writers.

The Hemingway App doesn’t shy away from using complex terminology and creative-sounding sentences. However, it still keeps everything balanced by informing you about sentences that are hard to read. Overall, the Hemingway App is a worthy story checker tool for creative writers.


Jetpack is an all-in-one plugin that provides grammatical checks and improvements on all your writing work. The software is powered by the famous After the deadline technology, which has improved the quality of writing among thousands of users.

source: Jetpack

Using Jetpack is easy; all we have to do is install the plugin and enable its grammar-checking features. The software then checks for errors, poorly constructed sentences, or offensive language in your writing. Additionally, users are provided with essential social media and SEO work tools.

Overall, Jetpack is a great software that provides plenty of free grammar checking features with some additional paid features.

Best Grammar tools that are pay-to-use

While people enjoy free-to-use products, they might not include some of the most wanted features. In a situation like this, the only way to proceed is by checking out some of the paid services available. Here is our list of the best Grammar softwares that are pay-to-use.


The LanguageTool is a fantastic writing tool that offers comprehensive features such as a vast library of languages. The software aims to provide the best grammar checking quality irrespective of the native language of the user. This is refreshing compared to other softwares with limited language capabilities.

LanguageTool – Alternative to Grammarly
source: LanguageTool

This feature makes the LanguageTool the go-to software for non-native English speakers. Apart from the ability to choose from over 27 languages, the software also provides quick and user-friendly grammar corrections. Additionally, the premium version offers full integration for Microsoft Word.

You can get the LanguageTool for 19 $ a month, which is a great price considering all the features. Alternatively, the free version also provides most of the features offered in premium. However, there is a limitation of 20,000 words, making it difficult to use for long articles or essays.


The Ginger tool has risen in popularity as one of the most impactful grammar checker softwares. The software is quite similar to Grammarly and offers smooth functionality and excellent correctional capability. What’s more, the software also lets us do translations and dictionary searches.

Ginger Software – Free apps like Grammarly
source: Ginger Software

Using the Ginger tool comes free of cost; however, it excludes the availability of the grammar checking tool. This means that you will have to pay for the privilege of using its main features.

The basic plan for Ginger starts at 12.48 $ a month, with the standard price being 20.97 $ a month. We think it is a reasonable price to pay for using this fantastic software.


WhiteSmoke is a premium grammar checker tool that comes in three different but equally effective products.

source: WhiteSmoke

The Desktop Premium version is an app that caters exclusively to windows desktop users and browsers. The app integrates seamlessly into almost all writing softwares on your desktop and browsers such as chrome and Firefox. Alternatively, there is also a separate browser version of the app called WhiteSmoke Web.

WhiteSmoke also has a mobile app that provides corrections for written messages, emails, or notes. This is a feature that separates itself from most competitors. You can get WhiteSmoke for your desktop, browser, or mobile phone for a minimum price of 8.33 $ per month.

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