5 Best Mass Email Senders for Bulk Email Blasts

Have you ever heard of a mass email sender? You should know about the importance of these tools, especially if you own a business that employs many people.

A mass email sender helps a user send bulk emails at a time to a large number of recipients. All those emails you receive from clothing brands, health companies, newsletters, etc., are because of the employment of a bulk email sender.

Today, we will look at the importance of mass email senders and the best tools to execute mass email sending.

Why do you need Bulk Email Sending tools?

Email services like Gmail do not let you know how your sent emails have performed after it reaches the recipient. Bulk email sending tools ease the process of sending thousands of emails at a time while keeping a tab on your stats.

The merit of using a bulk email sender is that it brings potential customers to your business. When there is an influx of new consumers, they trust your brand, which creates a strong relationship between your business and them.

In the end, starting a business is about getting a high return on investments. For this, you need to invest in the best mass email sending tool for your business. Let us go ahead and look at some of the best mass email sending tools available online.

5 Best Bulk Email Sender Tools


Mailgun is one of the largest bulk emailer used for mass email sending. It is an excellent mass emailer tool that helps track your emails and detect those emails that haven’t been delivered to the intended audience.

Bulk Email Marketing Services - Mailgun
source: Mailgun

It has an anti-spam feature that helps your messages get sent to the recipient’s email inbox, unlike those mass emails that end up in the spam folder.

It helps you to receive real-time information on the performance of your emails. Mailgun is one of the bulk email sending tools that help clear out emails which have not impacted the recipients. That means that the software deletes all those recipients that show no response.

Mailgun lets you send 5000 free emails per month for three months. There will be one dollar charge for every thousand emails you send after you cross the trial period’s email limit.

For 35 dollars, you can get the Foundation Plan starting at 35 dollars per month. Growth and Scale will cost you 80 dollars and 90 dollars per month.


HubSpot is a popular name in the world of email marketing. It is one of the best free mass emailer tools and has many computerized features which help you enhance your online marketing.

HubSpot Mass Email Senders
source: HubSpot

It has many other features that help increase the traffic for your businesses, like ad tracking, page building, bots, etc.

HubSpot has many templates that you can choose from. You can use these templates to customize your emails to look like your company’s colors. Its email builder is known for its simplicity and ease of use.

HubSpot is free to use, but if you want to use its premium packages, the Starter package starts at 45/month, including 1000 marketing contacts.

The Professional and Enterprise packages will cost you 800 dollars and 3,200 dollars per month. However, if you purchase the annual package upfront, you will save more than paying monthly.

The Professional package will get you 2000 contacts, and Enterprise will get you 10,000 contacts.


One of the best bulk email marketing software providers has got to be SendinBlue. It has a mass emailing program for your business which has a high deliverance rate. It can also send SMS in bulk.

SendinBlue Mass Email Senders
source: SendinBlue

SendinBlue helps oversee customers, develop the design, and manage transactional messages. Transactional messages are sent to a recipient after a transaction is done through your website or store.

It has many pretty templates that will help you build good landing pages. It is important as it is the first step to attract potential customers.

SendinBlue has a dedicated team that will send emails to all your subscribers from the first day. They provide a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. They will deliver your emails to your consumer’s inbox, and you can be sure of that as they are experts in deliverability.

SendinBlue helps in building trust between your business and your clients. They also have Live Chat, where your clients can put their queries on 24/7.


Pepipost is a bulk email software that helps send bulk emails to your clients and subscribers in less than the desired time.

Bulk Email Sender | Email Marketing with Pepipost
source: Pepipost

It provides a current report on email delivery and allows you to possess complete authority over your email activities. The best thing about Pepipost is that it stores 90 days of your mailing history.

It has a feature called Webhook, which gives you information about your application’s health and lets you know how your emails are performing. If they are invalid, you will get to know about them.

It has an affordable set of plans for its premium packages, and the price can range from 25 dollars a month to 445 dollars a month. It also has customer support that runs 24/7 to help clients have the best experience with the email sender.


AmazonSES helps you send bulk emails to your clients without high-cost effects. If some of your recipients report your messages as spam, AmazonSES will take them off your subscriber list.

Amazon Simple Email Service
source: AmazonSES

It has a high percentage of the delivery success and is a tool that also entertains tracking the issues that stops your emails from getting delivered.


To send mass email or bulk email, you should first understand the type of software tools that are available on the market. If you are looking to send just a couple of thousand emails per day, you can choose to use the free versions.

However, if you have an extensive plan to extend your business, you will need to purchase their premium packages. Mass email sender tools are important as it makes your work easy.

They help you recognize the recipients that are not interactive with your messages and deletes them. They also come with many other features which is helpful in email marketing.

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