5 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Providers

Are you looking for the best minecraft server hosting providers? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be going over the top 5 minecraft servers hosts, discussing each one in detail.

Minecraft has taken over the world of video gaming for many reasons, the top ones being freedom of creativity and consistent updates that keep the game as relevant as it is to date.

A 2022 survey revealed that up to 3.6 million people still played Minecraft across various platforms. So it comes as no surprise that the game is still relevant in today’s age.

The peak for Minecraft dates back to 2012 -2013, but even after almost a decade, the shelf life of Minecraft does not seem to come to an end. A survey conducted in 2020 showed that Minecraft was the most-watched topic on popular video streaming channels like Youtube and Twitch.

What is a minecraft servers host?

Minecraft server hosts or minecraft hosting is a service provided by website hosting companies to facilitate seamless multiplayer games across the World Wide Web.

Most of the Top Minecraft servers provide excellent service, including low latency, improved gameplay performance, and 24/7 customer support availability.

If a company wants to host minecraft servers, certain exclusive features should be significant to the gameplay. Especially for multiplayer games like Minecraft, there are a lot of resources that need to be involved in the mcserverhosting process to ensure players have a good time.

Five best minecraft server hosts

The best Minecraft host server should be well-equipped with DDoS (Distributed Denial Of Service) protection which is consistent for a hassle-free gaming session.

Not only this, the policies behind the usage of mods, the ease of use, and the location of the servers are all necessary factors that you need to look into before getting a Minecraft hosting service.

Below is a list of 5 of the best free minecraft server hosting providers:

Apex Hosting

If you are looking for a hosting service provider that offers a high level of control, this is for you. Many players opt for Apex hosting because of its One-Click Mode pack feature, and it allows players to install mudpacks and use them ingame easily.

Apex Hosting
source: Apex Hosting

The networking of Apex Hosting is such that it protects the game against DDoS attacks and gives the guarantee of maximum protection when gaming online. If you use this hosting service provider, you will be able to control the game from your PC and your mobile phone.


If you want a Minecraft server hosting provider that allows unlimited player slots, ScalaCube is the best choice. With super-low latency, this hosting service is straightforward and provides a seamless gameplay experience for all.

ScalaCube Minecraft Server Hosting
source: ScalaCube

Since this server hosting provider is explicitly focused on Minecraft, all the features are geared towards enhancing the gameplay for minecraft players. For this Minecraft server, too, you can easily install up to 1000 mod packs and use them in-game to enhance your gaming experience.

The prices on ScalaCube are very competitive; hence, it plays the role of an efficient and attractive server hosting provider for Minecraft.


This Minecraft server hosting provider offers a fully customizable control panel for maximum user comfort and efficiency. You can quickly access MySQL database and FTP with this hosting service.

GGServers - Minecraft Server Hosting
source: GGServers

Together with DDoS protection, GGServers supports the installation of mudpacks and Bedrock and java editions of the game. GGServers is an ideal option for many because of its use of the Multicraft panel, which makes the server easy to navigate and use.

Another supporting factor is the wide selection of plans so users can pick the most suitable package for their gameplay.


ServerMiner is one of the Minecraft server hosting services that offer various plug-ins. With its multiplayer hosting services, you can personalize the game using plug-ins.

ServerMiner: Minecraft Server Hosting
source: ServerMiner

The best part is choosing your ideal picks from more than 2000 plug-in options. It is one of the most convenient servers in the industry that provides the complete package. The prices are reasonable, the quality is excellent, and the top-notch game performance.

ServerMiner helps keep track of all your players and install mod packs for enhanced user experience. Perhaps, the most noteworthy aspect of this hosting server service is that you can even recover your game from the past 7 days.

The customer service team at ServerMiner is excellent! They are made up of a group of fully qualified and knowledgeable professionals available year-round to give you solutions to all your server problems.


As a Minecraft server hosting provider, ShockByte works seamlessly and efficiently. It is a fully automatic service that can help activate your new server and set everything up instantly. There’s no waste of time and energy when using this minecraft server hosting provider.

Shockbyte - Minecraft Server Hosting
source: ShockByte

If you face any issues, you can contact their customer support team, which is available 24/7 to provide dynamic solutions. Some of the best features of ShockByte are that it allows full access to FTP (File Transfer Protocol), is compatible with MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition) and MCPC, and offers low latency while gaming.

Which are some free Minecraft server hosting providers?

When it comes to Minecraft hosting a server, the ones that come free of cost are ideal since you won’t have to spend a dime but enjoy the perks of smooth gameplay.

The 3 best minecraft server hosting free of cost are listed below:

Server Pro

It comes loaded with Minecraft features that let you enjoy the game to its fullest potential. The control panel on this server is remarkable in that it includes all the necessary elements but is still easy to navigate and use, even for newbies.


It is a good server for both new players and veterans who want to enjoy some advanced features. The control panel is customizable, so you can use it to your advantage. Another great thing about Aternos is that its customer support team is available 24/7 for any queries that you might have.


This is one of the best free minecraft server hosting providers that is private and provides a generous 2GB RAM for all its players for free.

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