3 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Providers Recommendations

3 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Providers Recommendations

If you’re looking for the best Minecraft server hosting recommendations, then you’ve come to the right place. Playing Minecraft with your friends can be done in several different ways, but using online hosting service is by far the most versatile way to take your gameplay experience to a whole next level – as long as you can find reliable, fast, cheap, and preferably modded Minecraft servers. Whether you are looking to change or getting a new hosting server of Minecraft, the list below provides you with some of the best handpicked options you can choose from.

Recommended Minecraft Server Hosting Providers

  • Apex Hosting

Apex Minecraft server has raked hundreds of positive reviews online. It is amongst the most well-known and reputable server hosting platforms of Minecraft. Throughout their years of offering hosting service, this company has provided more than 200,000 successful servers.

Apex Hosting brings seven categories of plan with 1 to 7 GB RAM options. Every single plan is available at less price for the initial month and then it will increase in the following month to the standard price. You’d also have the protection option of hiding IP address by using Proxy.

  • Shockbyte

The next best Minecraft server hosting is Shockbyte – which already gained the reputation of being amongst the cheap Minecraft server hosting providers. Since the company was established in 2013, it has been providing numerous plans with different RAM size options per server according to the customers’ budget.

Not only can you choose from the available 12 plans, you’d also have the option to select a custom plan. As mentioned in prior, this Minecraft server host also offers some of the most affordable price rates compared to others. You may grab the cheapest plan that starts at $2.50/month to the premium plan that costs $40/month.

  • pro

Seeking for Minecraft server hosts that offer free plans aside of the paid ones? Then you may try Server.pro – a user-friendly Swedish hosting company that promises high-reward yet low-risk game hosting at a very economical price range.

If you want to buy a Minecraft server plan that won’t bother you with ads, then you can opt for Premium and Pro plans that are available at $5 to $40 per month.

Is It Worth to Host Your Own Minecraft Server?

Thinking of setting up your own server? Well, it is certainly a work that requires some time and technical knowledge. Except if you have some networking and basic computer abilities, it’s probably more practical to buy Minecraft server.

That being said, there are a lot of guides on how to host a Minecraft server on the internet. Most will tell you that high-end computers are not exactly a requirement, but notebooks and netbooks probably won’t make the best machines for a good server.

If you’re researching how much is a Minecraft server and compare it to set up your own hosting server, then the latter option might be a more sensible solution compared to the earlier. Using professional server hosting also typically benefits you with security features.

As an alternative to learning how to host Minecraft server from scratch, you may be able to get help running your server from the service provider. Having extra security will provide more peace to your mind, even if you are only playing the game with your friends.

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