5 Best React UI Framework and Component Libraries in 2023

The React UI framework is a platform that allows you to develop websites and other applications. It takes away the unnecessary writing process of already-available codes while developing software.

React has a large number of frameworks developed to assist in building UI software. It is not easy to create everything from scratch as it takes up a lot of time and can be annoying at times. This is why UI frameworks are very helpful for software developers.

In this article, we will list down the best UI frameworks and talk about their various functions and features to assist you in choosing the proper framework for your software.

Material Kit

Material UI offers a top-notch computerized experience just like Google’s material build. It is one of the React UI frameworks that provide solid designs by targeting the way its components react to light.

Material Kit
source: creative-tim

It is easy to make your way around the Material UI framework as it comes with a comprehensive report of its components. Its frameworks are very detailed, making it simple for developers to work with.

One of the best things about the Material UI framework is its consistency. Its parts are always consistent with its colors and outline. This feature in the Material UI framework makes apps and websites look appealing to the eye, making it one of the top component libraries in React tools.

It also keeps itself updated with the latest versions regularly. This makes the functioning of the apps and websites fast and efficient.

People who are fresh in web designing will find it difficult to read parts of Material UI’s documentation. This is an advanced framework that requires knowledge of basic web developing experience.

However, it is still a great framework with a significant source of components and many personalization options.


This UI was developed to be used in computer applications with the ability to construct interfaces with extensive data. These interfaces come with many modules and components.

source: blueprintjs

You do not need to do all the coding yourself, and the framework consists of merged tools to adjust the apps and components.

Like the Material UI framework, Blueprint also has ample records for its features and functions. It comes with a guide on operating the UI and is a better choice than Material UI as it is more friendly for users.

Since this UI framework was built for developing software applications on a desktop, it does not comply well with mobile apps. It can be used, but it is not the best choice for developing apps for mobile gadgets.

When a blueprint integrates an interface into its system, the functions of the interface must be used when called upon to execute any action. These functions are carried out by using message nodes.


React Bootstrap is the most popular UI framework for developing responsive websites. It is sought after by many web developers and is an open-source toolkit with Sass variables.

source: getbootstrap

Being one of the real React libraries, it has a massive supply of components and is also one of the most accessible front-end UI frameworks. There is no need to configure these components when developing apps and plugins for users.

This framework is an excellent pick for developers who work on various aspects of their web design as it allows you to create your projects on the back end and prototype on the other end.

It is one of the best React component library that has been built from scratch without depending on any external element. With React Bootstrap, developers can create responsive websites with rare, built-in functions.

It will also have the same React UI library as the older Bootstrap, meaning developers can continue using all those Bootstrap themes.


Grommet is a comprehensive web development system and is not simply an assortment of React UI components. It is a combination of the previous version of Bootstrap and Material Kit.

source: grommet

It has tutorials from coding language to framework layouts. It comes with many layout components that are not offered by most UI frameworks. It is user-friendly and has various design templates, sticker sheets, and intricacy.

Grommet is suitable for beginners as it has frameworks that do not need to have tampered with much. It comes with a specific set of designs that cannot be altered.

This might come as a letdown to experienced developers, but new developers should use it as it does not need customization. It does have a system in place to override fonts and colors that are there by default, but many other things cannot be changed as well. In simple words, it isn’t easy to customize this UI framework.

Grommet also has elements that enhance the visualization of data. It saves you the unnecessary trouble of seeking assistance from other libraries.

Overall, Grommet is suitable for developers looking for good-looking frameworks and a reliable system. However, it is not a good fit for people looking to have more say in the customization.

React Router

React Router is a tool that lets you manage routes in a website app. It uses dynamic routing, which occurs as the app displays on your machine.

React Router
source: reactrouter

It uses a component-based style for routing, meaning that it provides routing according to the nature of the app. It hastens your application’s functioning and helps change the layouts in line with the URL. This takes away the pressure of having to build more routes yourself.

React Router has a system that detects the best routes and ranks them so that your application receives the fastest routes. It helps you avoid setting up your routing system.

However, if you want to use less-powerful web applications, there are other routers that can be more useful. React Router is a powerful interface compared to other frameworks.


A React JS framework is used in developing different websites and applications. React is the most popular web-developing JavaScript framework in the developer world.

React libraries offer developers many options to design various web applications, each having its uniqueness and utility.

You can try out the list of React UI Frameworks mentioned in this article to see how easy it is to build websites using React JS Frameworks.

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