The 3 Best Standing Desks in 2023

In today’s world, looking for the best standing desk is hardly something to be surprised about. The rise of Covid19 and work-from-home jobs and home offices are steadily growing, and also, the 10-20% risk of chronic diseases and premature deaths from sitting in a chair the whole day leaves quite the impression that people prefer standing desks now.

We’re not saying that owning a suitable standing desk is all you need to increase your lifespan. Still, studies have shown that people that work with a standing desk have chances of better health and improvement in pain and discomfort than a person sitting with their computers the whole day.

Let’s get you hooked up on that healthy work lifestyle. So what is the best standing desk in 2022? We carefully researched and compared the best standing desk between Jarvis, Vivo, and IKEA to save your time and help you find the perfect fit as per your taste.

The best three options: IKEA, Vivo, and Jarvis

IKEA standing desk

The top IKEA standing desk you can go for is the IKEA Skarsta, known as Trotten. Perfect fit for you if you’re on a tight budget but want that extra space option. It is relatively quite easy to install it, and they offer a crank, which is manual, to effortlessly and comfortably adjust the height of the desk.

IKEA standing desk
source: IKEA


  • Max height- 48”
  • Depth- 27 ½”
  • Width- 47 ¼”
  • Max load- 110 lb

The Trotten is straightforward. However, it doesn’t come with any extra features. Also, if you’re looking for the cheapest standing desk at IKEA, they offer the option to customize your desk, allowing you to work with a minimum budget.

Vivo standing desk

The best Vivo standing desk we have on our list is the Vivo DESK-KIT-1B6D. An electric desk offers effortless adjustments with a controller that saves your preferred height. The desk is built sturdy with excellent quality and comes with a massive wide tabletop. Perfect for people that do work with multi-monitors with its 60-inch tabletop

Vivo standing desk
source: Vivo


  • Max height- 48”
  • Depth- 23.6”
  • Width- 59”
  • Max load- 176 lb

The Vivo DESK-KIT-1B6D can bring you the space and comfort you need to be productive, but are you on the hunt for an even cheap standing desk? The most affordable standing desk you can go for is the Vivo DESK-V000HB.

This cheap standing desk offers you the best value for money and gives you a sturdy platform to work with. You can transition from sitting to standing smoothly in seconds, and it doesn’t take up much space since it comes with an x-frame desk design. The desk comes fully assembled and offers stability. However, you should consider the size of the desk before investing in it.


  • Max height- 15”
  • Depth- 27” (32” including handles)
  • Width- 21.3”
  • Max load- 22 lb

Jarvis standing desk

The award-winning Fully Jarvis standing desk bamboo top is not among the cheapest standing desk, but you get what you pay for. You can adjust to whichever height fits perfectly with their 4 LED programmable presets, which are customizable and very easy to use.

Jarvis standing desk
source: Fully

The Jarvis standing desk offers excellent space to work with, and they provide a wide range of accessories with customizable height and style.


  • Max height- 48”
  • Depth-24”
  • Width- 48”
  • Max load-350 lb

It also offers you the freedom to build your desk to perfectly customize your workspace the way you want it.

What you should consider before buying the best standing desk

To keep it simple, the three top options on our list are all marketed as the best standing desks on paper. But what you’re looking for is the best standing desk for you. To help you work comfortably and efficiently, we’ve covered some points to look at before you consider buying one.

Is it short enough or tall enough?

Given that all brands have adjustable height desks, the adjustments may not fit your build. If you’re on the shorter end, a tall standing desk might not be comfortable for you and vice versa. A good chart is always preferable to adjust your height before buying one. It is crucial to check the specs of the desk to make sure it fits you perfectly, both standing and sitting.

Is the size of the desk good enough?

Some of us need that extra space to put in all that hard work. If you deal with many papers or assignments on double screens, you should consider having a more expansive standing desk before sealing the deal. But always make sure you have enough space to put on a broader standing desk.

Functionality is important.

It is important to note that electric standing desks don’t come cheap, but they do their job quite efficiently. With the memory function on an electric standing desk, you can easily preset your height adjustment, but they are not the quietest desks available. A manual standing desk is quiet and lighter than an electric one and is easy to work with since it doesn’t require an outlet.

You should also consider the budget you want to throw in and check your working environment  first (since electric standing desks can get quite noisy in a busy office).

Are standing desks worth it?

In addition to making your home office or workplace better to look at, studies have also shown several health benefits of using a standing desk. The people who sit full time have an increased risk of heart diseases and, as we’ve mentioned earlier, are prone to premature deaths. A standing desk can help you have a healthier lifestyle.

So are standing desks worth it? With the several health benefits and lowered risk of dying in mind, switching to a healthier lifestyle is achievable with the best standing desk.

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