3 Best Website Builders of 2023

There are tons of website makers in the market. But today, we bring you the best website builders that have created millions of websites successfully.

With a booming economy and most businesses relying on social media, having a website is a requirement. Whether it’s for small businesses, blogs, or content creators, a smooth functioning website helps to increase sales and visits.

In order to stand out from the rest, a website must deliver speed, versatility and accuracy. It should look classy, well-arranged and have a user-friendly experience. However, a website design and usability differ according to your needs.

The best website makers will allow you to tailor your website on the basis of your requirement. These website creators mentioned below do exactly that!

Keep reading further to learn all about how you can create a professional website while enjoying the best website building experience.

Best website builder for small businesses


Wix Editor Total Design Freedom

A name we’ve heard over and over again. Wix is the ultimate website creator. With successfully building over 110 million websites, it is no doubt that it is a front-runner in the website builders race.

The reason why Wix stands out among its competitors is because of its overall performance. It is affordable, easy to use, offers various plans and has a built-in SEO. It also offers more than 800 templates that enable you to create a customized website.


There are three plans that Wix offers:

  • Basic website plans

In the basic website plan, there are two options to choose from – The free plan or paid plan.

In the free plan, your website will have a Wix branding on the sub-domain. It comes with 500 MB bandwidth and cloud storage of 500 MB.

In the paid plan, there are four categories – Combo, limited, pro and VIP. These plans are priced at around $12 to $40 per month. Here, the custom domain is free for a year, and you also get an SSL certificate for free.

  • Business and Commerce plans

If you want to enable the online payment section on your website, you’ll have to choose the business and commerce plans. It has Business basic, business unlimited and business VIP categories. These plans ranges from anywhere between $20 to $50 per month.

The business and commerce plans ensure secure payment options and client accounts free for a year. It also offers a free custom domain for a year.

  • Enterprise plans

An enterprise plan starts from around $500/ month. And as the name suggests, it is for big enterprises. Wix offers a representative to directly discuss the kind of website you require and tailors it to your need.

Top website builder for quick result


GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy is a quick website creator. It is usually called the fastest website builder, not just in creating the website but also in publishing it.

It has simple layouts so that users have ease in accessing their websites. You need to enter the details, and your website will soak in the details and create your customized website quickly.

In GoDaddy, you have the free plan and the paid plan. The free plan is a one-month trial based plan in which you use it for a month; if you like it, you can upgrade it to a paid plan. If you do not like its performance, you can terminate it after a free month of usage.

In the paid plan, you have the monthly plans ranging from $12 to $30.

GoDaddy features:

Analytics: Analytics is very important to know how your site is performing on a daily basis. Through this feature, you’ll get to know how many clicks and visitors your get on your page.

Backup: In case of any unruly situations, your website will still be safe. This platform backs up and restores your site if it supposedly gets hacked or crashes.

Phone support 24/7: The support system of GoDaddy is available 24/7 in case you have any queries.

SEO: Your website is automatically optimized by GoDaddy to perform well and catch the attention of search engines like Bing and Google.

Best website builder for a blog


wordpress website builder

When you hear about blogging, WordPress automatically comes to your mind. Blogs and WordPress have been going hand in hand for over a decade now.

There must be a specific reason why it is the most popular choice for creating a blogging website. Let me break it down for you.

WordPress offers the best website building platform for bloggers called wordpress.com. This platform is not the easiest to use, and it does require technical knowledge, but it is loved by bloggers and writers all over the world because of its performance, features, and blogging tools of top-notch quality.

WordPress.com offers both free and paid plans. The free plan is for people who want to test out the waters first before diving into them.

The paid plan ranges from $4 to $50/ month. It is definitely budget-friendly considering what it offers.

The pro plan offers 50 GB storage with over 50,000 plug-ins such as calendars, forms, expert support, and premium themes. It also allows 10,000 visits/month and allows selling products via WooCommerce.

Although it may not have a drop and drag user experience, it caters to writers or bloggers that do not wish to waste a lot of time on their website. It creates a simplistic yet effective looking website on a budget. It also offers security by providing an SSL certificate and encrypting your site.


Depending on the kind of website that you are looking to create, these three website builders stand as the best website makers for all-purpose. Whether it is for personal use, blogging or small businesses, these platforms will ensure affordability and versatility.

All these website creators offer a different take on building a website and accordingly help you to create your preferred site. With good value for money and a high-quality website, Wix, GoDaddy and WordPress.com can help you build your website.

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