The Best YouTube Banner Maker for Your Videos

You will want to use the best YouTube banner maker once you read this article. Your YouTube banner is the first thing visitors notice about your channel and develop a general idea in their minds. A YouTube banner is one way to put a good impression on the minds of strangers visiting your channel.

After analyzing the profiles of leading YouTube channels, one common factor remains prevalent in each case− the use of strong, impactful quality banners that speak volumes about their brands. This is a foolproof method of making your YouTube channel grow. And a successful YouTube channel affects your business positively.

Making a YouTube banner that stands out

You need to impress viewers on YouTube with a good banner. Making a YouTube banner is tricky, especially for someone with no or minimal experience in the field. Once you have a banner that speaks much about your brand, you will have more views on your YouTube videos.

Presentation is crucial for making your channel look reliable and worthy of the viewers’ time. Why? Because no individual would be impressed by a low-quality, blurry image that does not look professional. A good banner will help your channel grow.

Free YouTube banner maker online.

There are several YouTube banner maker services and tools that are free to use. Many of them come with exciting templates for you to customize. These templates will help you save time and effort and still inspire you to come up with something unique.

While starting out on something new, it is always best to go for something safe, and so you will find some of the best free banner makers for YouTube below:


Canva YouTube Banner Maker

Canva is among the popular tools used by graphic designers. Many social media users have witnessed great success with their design and visuals by using Canva. The app is available for both PC And mobile devices and hence is accessible to many individuals.

The Canva app is simple and easy to use; what’s more, most of the features are free! Apart from being a photo editing software, it functions as a free banner maker for YouTube. You need only upgrade to the pro version for some additional features.


Free YouTube banner templates for everybody

It is one fast way to create YouTube banners. You need no experience to use this tool as it is effortless to use. Picmaker also has an AI-enhanced interface that actively gives you suggestions to improve your work. Users have only positive reviews to say about the program, and most commend the ease of use.

The drawback of using this editing tool is that there isn’t a mobile version available yet, and, as the name suggests, you can only edit pictures with it.



Photopea is a photo editor tool that is free and easy to use. It does not need any additional downloads and comes with features that do not fail to impress.

Making YouTube banners from scratch is easy with Photopea. With multiple layer options, paths filters, and text options, the Photopea tool is similar to PhotoShop, and it will help you create the best YouTube banner for your channel.

How to make a YouTube banner

Making a YouTube banner is easy if you know the right tools. Some banner makers are even mobile-friendly. Firstly, you should have some high-resolution images ready to be used in the banner. Then, skim through the banner maker tools available and choose one to work with. In just a few minutes, you can now create a YouTube banner that will influence.

How to make YouTube banners on Canva and Picmaker?

  1. Open the Canva app and search for “YouTube channel art” on the template tab.
  2. Once you have chosen a template to work with, you can use any free stock images available or upload your own.
  3. After you have finished your designing process, preview your work to see if everything fits right and download it!

How to make a YouTube banner on Photopea

  1. Open the Photopea tool and choose “New Project.”
  2. Set the dimensions to 1855 x 423.
  3. Go to the “Open and Place” option from the File menu and upload your background image.
  4. Next, upload your other images or PNGs that you wish to have on your banner. Adjust their size and locate them however you want to.
  5. To add text, go to the text option “T” from the left panel and type your channel name and tagline.
  6. Now, export your image as a PNG from the File menu.
  7. Once your work has been saved, close the current project and open it again from the “Open Image from Computer” option.
  8. This time, set your dimensions as 2560 x 1440. This will be the background size for a TV.
  9. Fill your background with your desired image and add drop shadow.
  • Finally, save your file as a PSD and use it as your YouTube banner.

So, which is the best banner maker for YouTube?

It is sad to say, but you have to be willing to spend a little to get the best of anything. Even when you are making a banner by yourself, there are premium versions of the free tools, and they give you more options to choose from.

Apps like Canva, Adobe, Picmaker, Creatopy, and Venngage are among the best YouTube banner maker tools easily accessible to everyone.

Professional services are the best option for a more detailed and personalized banner. You can avail yourself of many of these through freelance designers and illustrators online, and they will need your instructions to develop the best options for you.

However, you can get a decent-looking banner from most free services if you wish to not spend money. It is best to go for a simple layout of high quality with free services.


A cheat to getting the best of YouTube engagement is using suitable banners and keeping them updated regularly. As your channel grows, it might have to undergo slightly different changes from initially planned. You can keep your viewers updated on your goals by changing the banner from time to time.

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