Blogging Etiquette: Manners, Class, Style and Professionalism

Conduct a blog with proper etiquette. Display manners, class, style and professionalism in your blog and people will enjoy and revisit your site.

Extend humble manners in your writing by expressing yourself with a simple, positive attitude. Your blog should always come across as professional, authoritative and positive. Speaking down or belittling is never okay. When explaining or instructing on how to do something, use constructive language, and a bit of humour when appropriate, to relay your expertise. Conduct a blog following these easy rules, and your writing conveys natural good manners.

Watch What You Blog

Do not speak, or post, too soon. The blog is one place where you have the full opportunity to think before you speak. The context of writing is often misconstrued. Think long and hard before posting anything that does not read quite right. Unlike speaking face to face, tone and facial expression are not there to support your blogged message. If you say something personal or factual, be sure there are no two-ways to take your words. After all, this is where editors come for a sample of your writing, or potential customers come to do business. So, ‘watch’ what you say, literally. If in doubt, leave it out…or do some research on sentence structure.

Blog with Style and Class

Never slam anyone, such as editors, publishers or business competitors in a public blog — no matter how bad of a day you may be having. Slamming, or angry rude rebuttal, is the lowest form of writing, speaking and personal communication. Whether someone has upset you with a nasty comment on your blog or you are simply in a bad mood, walk-away, take a deep breath, and come back with fresh eyes and a better frame of mind. If you have a legitimate issue with someone, take it outside — outside of the blog that is. Inbox, email or message someone with any personal problem that you may have, but do it with class. Also, do not be too quick to assume there is actually a problem. You may have simply taken their written words out of context…hmmm.

To Blog or Not to Blog

Try not to get too personal. Sure, you might love the chance to let the world know that you have a large, purple birthmark in the shape of a foot on your backside, but don’t! Getting too personal could come back to haunt you. Just read the ezine articles about sports stars, actors and politicians who’ve regretted having those “loose lips.” Besides, although it is okay to give a little insight on your life, unless you are hugely famous, people are probably visiting your blog for other reasons. Create an “About Me” section where you can chitchat on (almost) everything from your proudest achievements to your favourite or least-favourite foods. Just keep it clean and brief.

Blog What You Know

Stick to writing on topics that you are confident on and comfortable with. When you speak in person about something that you love, understand and live for, it shows in your body language. Your eyes sparkle. Your mouth barely keeps up to your brain, and people listen intently. The same is true with blogging what you know. Your passion comes through on the page and the audience is captivated.

Keep Your Blog Fresh

Stay active, but do not talk too much. A regularly updated blog stays fresh, current and appreciated by those who enjoy it. That said, over cramming a blog with babble and blabber is no different than talking someone’s ear off. Readers may lose interest.

Blogging – Pay if Forward

Spread the love, but do not be a phony. It is acceptable to comment politely on other blog sites, even with the hope that the other blogger will return the favour. However, only comment from the heart, and only on sites that you truly admire. The old saying, “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours,” holds true (to a point) in many business efforts, such as the blog. Directing your visitors to other similar and informative sites shows class, integrity and proper blogging etiquette.

The Realistic Blogger

Be realistic in your expectations. You will not reach the entire world, especially in the beginning. Reach out to a few, and grow from there. The internet “sea” is a very big place — with many big fish. Swim with, not against, the current and be happy with a small piece of the www pie. Even the big fish do not have everyone’s attention. Focus on ‘quality’ of writing over ‘quantity’ of viewers to produce a successful blog.

Applying proper blogging etiquette promotes your site in a way that will make you proud, impress interested visitors, and support your education, business or views. Conducted with proper etiquette, a successful blog “speaks” for itself.

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