Brave Browser Review 2023: Things to Know Before Using It

Let’s face it; we’ve all come across at least one brave browser review by this point. After all, the browser has become one of the most famous names in the web browser market. However, you might notice that most of these reviews lack some crucial information about its use.

For example, the Brave browser promises to keep your data and personal information safe from third parties. It features high-speed browsing with limited ads and a revenue-sharing system.

Brave presents itself as a browser of the future, offering great utility and a modern design. Despite this information, there are still people who are yet to replace their default browsers with Brave. The reason? Well, most people simply think that it’s too good to be true.

This is because of those same promises which make Brave seem like such an appealing product in the first place. Meaning that many users still don’t believe in the web browser’s promises.

While Brave does have some eccentric advertisements, it doesn’t mean that it’s a great choice. After all, ads can often be misleading as they tend to hide crucial factors.

So, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide an in-depth review of the popular web browser Brave to fix this issue. Read ahead to learn more.

Is the Brave browser safe to use?

The most common concern that lingers in the mind of users regarding any new software is safety. It isn’t any different with the Brave browser as well. In fact, if you run a google search about the Brave browser, one of the questions you’ll see is ‘Is Brave safe?’

Is the Brave browser safe to use?
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Well, if you’re concerned regarding safety while using the Brave browser, be rest assured. We have found in our experience that the Brave browser is absolutely safe to use. In fact, there are currently over 50 million users who use Brave, which is a testament to its reliability.

Does Brave really keep your browsing information private?

One of Brave’s claims to fame is the guarantee that all your browsing information is kept private. This means that no third-party site or tracker can infiltrate your browser information.

This statement is only partially true and somewhat misleading to the public. While it is true that Brave blocks all third-party trackers, we have to understand that Brave itself can access our information.

So, in essence, there can never be a browser that is 100 % private. We can only truly achieve this if the internet becomes decentralized for good. But as we know, attaining this reality is an enormous task and would take years in the making.

Therefore, the claim that Brave allows for complete privacy regarding user data is only half true. We see this as a lofty marketing strategy aimed to increase the number of users.

Does the Brave browser really block ads?

One of the most attractive features of the Brave browser is the in-built ad blocker facility. It guarantees to block unwanted ads and pop-ups which interfere with the browsing experience. The browser keeps track of the number of ads blocked and displays it on the screen.

Does the Brave browser really block ads?
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This is yet another claim which is misleading to the public. While Brave blocks most unwanted ads, it allows ads from specific sources to pop up. To put things simply, Brave blocks every other ad, except for the ads sanctioned by the software itself.

This is a huge disappointment, given how the ad-blocking feature is a crucial part of the Brave browser campaign. However, the browser does reward you with crypto coins for the number of ads you watch, which is a beneficial feature.

Is the Brave internet browser truly high speed?

Another claim made by the creators of Brave is the browser’s high-speed browsing capabilities. We conducted several speed tests using the Brave browser to confirm this claim and found mixed results.

In most cases, the Browser does live up to the hype and allows a high-speed browsing experience. However, there have been certain cases where the speed is slower than other popular browsers like Chrome.

We aren’t sure whether it’s the computer’s specifications or the internet connection that causes this issue. Either way, we have found this claim to be yet another partially true statement.

That being said, there are other aspects of the speed test that are worthy of bringing to light. Other than the browsing speed itself, we have found the overall application is somewhat faulty. For example, re-arranging tabs is occasionally glitchy and slow, interfering with our flow.

Online privacy by default: Brave vs. other browsersOnline privacy by default: Brave vs. other browsers

Miscellaneous features of the Brave browser

While we agree that the Brave browser has its fair share of problems, there are a few features that it does right. One such feature is how Brave handles private tabs. Brave is different in this aspect, unlike Chrome or Firefox, which opens an entirely new window when choosing incognito mode.

Rather than assigning a separate window for incognito browsing, Brave allows a private tab to be opened in the same window. We think this is an excellent feature as it removes the need to switch between the windows constantly. In fact, this is one feature that should be implemented in every browser.

Brave also has a tab preview function which is an exciting addition. It allows us to view the tab’s contents without selecting it as we hover the mouse over the tab selection.

Besides that, Brave uses a revenue-sharing system that lets us donate cryptocurrency to specific websites.

Brave add-ons and extensions

The Brave browser supports almost all chromium-based extensions. You can find most Brave-supported extensions in the Chrome web store. Once there, you can simply install the extensions as you would for Chrome.


Although Brave has its problems, the browser makes constant updates and fixes to resolve these issues. Brave was released for commercial use in late 2019, so temporary hiccups are understandable.

Overall, the browser continues to grow and develop, bringing convenient changes and fixes with each update. We believe that Brave can surpass Chrome, given that they fix the issues currently present in the software. Once that is done, Brave is sure to become the top browser globally.

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