8 Best Places to Buy Cheap Domains

With social media being the core of every business these days, having a domain name is essential. But, cheap domains are hard to find. The reason is because of the rise of the internet; most domain names are taken or are extremely expensive.

Luckily, there are many places that still offer domain names for cheap. Today, we’ll be looking at the 8 best places to buy domain names without hurting our pockets. So, gear up and read further to lock the most fabulous and cheapest names for your domain.

The 8 cheapest domain registrars

1. Namecheap

Just like its name Namecheap is a domain registrar that helps you to provide one of the cheapest domains. It is also a web hosting service that offers many services at a very affordable rate.

source: Namecheap

The registration prices for Namecheap domains start from $1 to $32, which is a fair amount considering the various choices it provides.

The renewal prices start from $8 onwards and go as high as $44.

The transfer prices start from $0 to $42.

Namecheap is also extremely safe to use as it is ICANN-accredited. This accreditation gives Whoisguard privacy to its user for free. This protects the personal data of its users from intruders.

With each domain, Namecheap also offers a DNSSEC security that will help your domain name to stay safe and secure.

2. GoDaddy

The next domain registrar is the popular website builder GoDaddy. Along with being a website builder, it also provides cheap domain names. Being an ICANN-accredited, you cannot go wrong with GoDaddy.

source: GoDaddy

It also gives you the option to buy domain names in bulk.

All GoDaddy domain names come with basic privacy protection that helps to protect your domain names against spam, unauthorized transfer, malicious activities, etc.

The prices of GoDaddy domain names start from $0.99 to $ 53.

3. Domain.com

Domain.com is one of the cheapest places to buy a domain name, and hence, it is extremely popular. It is one of the leading contenders in this industry. It also doubles as a website builder.

source: Domain.com

It offers a varied range of domain names such as country domains, classic TLDs, etc.

Domain.com is also a safe site to get cheap domains. It comes with WHOIS privacy that will protect you against any malicious activities from intruders. There are many other additional features, and one example is transfer lock- this feature secures the URL from any unauthorized transfers.

The price range of Domain.com registration is $2 to $47, and the renewal prices vary from $9 to $60.

4. OVH

Finding a domain name registrar for location-dependent businesses is very important. OVH is one of the best places to get cheap domain names if you are looking for a country-specific extension.

source: OVH

It offers a wide range of location-based domains like names of cities and geographical regions.

OVH does not come with free privacy protection, which is a bummer. But with some additional price, all sorts of protection can be enabled.

The prices for registering a domain name through OVH range from $2 to $34. The renewal prices are anywhere from $8 to $55, and the transfer prices start from$0 up to $34.

5. Bluehost

Bluehost is another popular place to buy cheap domains. It is actually a very popular web hosting service that also provides TLDs at a very reasonable price.

source: Bluehost

WordPress officially endorses Bluehost, and hence it is quite well-known.

Bluehost offers domains separately or in a hosting package. If you go for a separate domain name, you can even get it for free for a year. You’ll have access to the auto-renewal feature and other safety features to help you lock your domain name.

In a hosting package, you’ll get an SSL certificate for free, along with WordPress updates and an intuitive dashboard. There are also options for Google Ads credits and customer support.

The prices of Bluehost start from $4 to $14.

6. Ionos

Ionos is another very well-known web hosting service. It offers domain names separately or in a hosting package.

source: Ionos

With the hosting package, you can get access to a domain name free for up to a year. This is a great option because it not only provides a domain name for free but also offers various features.

Without the hosting package, the domain name can cost some more dollars, but it does come with features such as domain locking, an SSL certificate, and a mailbox of 2GB.

The prices for getting domains at Ionos start from $1 to $35, and the renewal prices range from $15 to $80.

7. Hover

Hover is one of the newest domain registration companies in the industry. It solely focuses on domain registration, unlike other companies that also provide web hosting services.

source: Hover

Hover is simple and quick. You can get your domain name without going through a lot of procedures.

Along with cheap domains, it also provides email services, features such as WHOIS privacy, and an authentication process that is two-way.

The prices of Hover start from $4 to $49/

8. Name.com

The last place we have for you is Name.com. It is a great place to buy domain names for cheap. There are several features and extensions that are provided with the domain name.

source: Name.com

You also get access to a free URL, DNS templates, two-step verification, and email forwarding service.

The prices at Name.com start from $1 to $49.


Having a domain name for any of your businesses is vital, especially if you want to build a remarkable online presence. Sometimes domains that we prefer are not available or taken; in such cases, you can always purchase them from a reseller.

All these places offer varied services along with cheap domains. You can choose any of these to get your domain name for cheap. Look out for the extensions and services that best suit your need.

No matter what you are searching for, you will definitely find your domain name from these 8 options we’ve provided. We hope your online persona gets a boost through the user’s new domain.

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