Extend Your Marketing Skills to the World of CPA

The CPA market is one of the fastest changing, highest risks and highest rewards facets of the Internet marketing industry. Te CPA industry changes so fast, you really have to be on top of what kind of offers are working NOW. Once you know the types of offers that are working, then you can tailor your particular offer to meet those standards and be successful.

This model is the very best for generating tons of cash very fast, right NOW. I know this from both personal experience and the experiences of close friends and colleagues across the CPA space.

No matter the offer, this is the format that you need to mimic as accurately as possible: your offer should bill $3.95 for shipping and handling, have a two-week trial period, and then bill the full amount 14 days from the original purchase date. If your product is not as hard-shipped product, then consider a $1, 14-day trial. Your offer should be presented on two pages.

The first page squeezes (or collects) the name, the email, and possibly the phone number. The second page is to gather billing and credit card information. The reason we break these offers into two pages is so that we can re-market to the lead that do not complete the sales process.

Now that we have covered the structure of the offer, let’s go into which niches are hot right now.

Diet and health offers are a proven success when utilizing this model. New Year’s Day until mid-summer is the hottest time for diet and health. Colon cleanse offers specifically are performing extremely well right now.

Other offers currently yielding great results are ones that capitalize on the recession fears. A great example of a recession offers is a government granted offer. Most government grant offers that are performing well are membership offers that teach you how to get government grants, and are structured in the fashion I covered previously.

Whether you are a publisher with a website or an advertiser with a product to sell, the CPA market is a great new direction in which to expand your current business. The opportunities of massive wealth exist out there, and NOW is the time to take advance off them.

By the way, CPA means cost per acquisition, which is when an advertiser puts together an offer and makes that offer available on an affiliate network tat in turn broker it to its publishers. In this relationship, the advertiser pays the CPA network for every lead or sale delivered, and the network takes a small cut and then pays the publisher that made the acquisition.

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