How to Get a Free Email Domain That Actually Work

Maintaining a professional business identity goes hand-in-hand with having an email domain name.

There are many ways businesses can acquire an email domain name. Business owners can either purchase or even go for the free option. The latter option is extremely useful, especially for new businesses.

So, if you’re looking for ways to establish a free custom email domain, we’re here to give you all the deeds and methods.

What is a Free Email Domain? 

In simple terms, a free email domain is an email domain you get for free. Email domain, on the other hand, is the address part that follows after the ‘@‘ symbol in an email.

For instance, if an email address is, then ‘’ is the email domain name.

Email domains can either be purchased or acquired for free (most likely when a website is created).

Why is Domain in Email Address Needed?

Email domains are great as it allows you to acquire a fully custom domain email address that showcases/promotes your business name.

So, if you’re running a business, it’s vital to have an email domain instead of having a generic Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail address.

But why? Because customers or even other business owners are often hesitant to trust emails that come from a generic domain name. A domain name in an email address gives businesses the credibility it needs to grow.

So, a good email domain name is an ideal start to set up your brand/business identity. Fortunately, if you’re tight on budget, you can get a free custom domain email, which we will be explaining in a bit.

4 Ways to Get a Free Email Domain

There are several ways you can acquire a free email domain for either personal or business use, and we have covered some of the best options currently available.

Here’s our list of 4 email providers that can assist businesses in getting a free custom email domain.

Let’s begin!

Bluehost Free Email Domain

The Bluehost service provider offers its users a free custom email domain when they take Bluehost’s hosting package. Through WordPress CMS, you can acquire a free domain included in the Bluehost plan.

Bluehost Free Email Domain
source: bluehost

To get the free domain name & email addresses, you’ll have to first pick any one of the hosting plans from Bluehost. After which, you can register and start setting up a professional email address through the custom domain name. You can navigate this by moving over to the “Email & Office” dashboard and then clicking on the “+create” tab under “Email”.

Along with getting a free domain within the hosting plan, users also get 5 free email addresses, the option to forward business email via Gmail, an SSL certificate, web hosting, etc. The only downside is that it is suitable only for WordPress sites. On the plus side, BlueHost comes with an excellent neat interface.

Our next pick is, which is probably one of the top picks for business owners interested in having email access without the need for a website. And the best part is that you don’t need to have a domain or hosting registration to acquire a account.

To get your free email domain, you can visit the company’s official website and then sign-up for a free account. Just make sure to fill out all the necessary information. offers the choice to pick out an industry-specific free email domain. You can choose from a wide selection of industry-wise generic domains. It’s important to understand that runs a simple service, so it doesn’t come with other integration or services like Gmail, Outlook, etc.

This platform is an ideal choice for individuals/businesses engaged in brick & mortar retail as well as for freelancers.


DreamHost is quite similar to BlueHost in terms of the service it offers. You’ll get free email domains along with email addresses. But, it comes included in a web hosting plan.

DreamHost Free Email Domain
source: DreamHost

You can get your free DreamHost-provided domain by visiting their official website and selecting a hosting plan that suits you (or your needs) best. After this, you can pick your custom name and move to the “Mail” tab on the dashboard to add the new email address.

As this platform is a complete hosting package, you’ll also get several other useful features included within the hosting plan. The platform is also compatible with custom domains, thus, allowing users to integrate both website and domain name in the email account.

DreamHost as an email domain provider comes with many benefits such as short and contract-free hosting plans, reliable hosting, secure email services along with unlimited email addresses. However, much like BlueHost, this one is also available only for WordPress sites.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an excellent option if you happen to have a custom website domain, as you can easily use the service to arrange a free email domain that matches your website domain.

Zoho Mail Free Email Domain
source: Zoho Mail

It comes with several free options and multiple plans that offer excellent value to businesses and web admins alike. If you don’t have a custom domain, you’ll be provided the option to choose a generic domain (which is still a better option than

To get a free email domain from Zoho Mail, you’ll have to visit their official website and choose their “forever plan”. You can set up & configure your Zoho account by entering the business address and then verifying your domain.

After verification with Zoho Mail, you can make an email address for the admin account. Start by clicking on “create account” followed by “add users” to enable access to team members. With Zoho Mail, each team member will receive a custom domain email address along with a password (given you have a website domain).

Also, make sure you’re incorporating your business name when choosing the domain, as it can help boost brand identity. Aside from its free email domain, Zoho Mail also provides tons of other features such as free access for around 5 members, 5GB storage, 25MB file attachments, etc.

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