Get Your Website Noticed by Search Engines The Easy Way

With over a million sites to browse among, users now generally start browsing sites through a search engine like Google or Bing. This means that the search engines act as a doorway to most of the sites. Also most users do not go about searching in different pages of a search result; instead they just change the search string. Due to this scenario, a website needs to get listed at the beginning to get noticed by users. Based on these facts the scenario is clear: If you want to have a website that gets popular, then it should get listed at the beginning of the listing in a search engine.

Design your site to have a particular number of keywords in it. To understand this better, consider the following: If you want your website to get listed when someone searches for a string (say) ‘tamarind trees’, then you include the word tamarind trees in your page. If you have a higher density of words on that page your page is likely to get listed at the beginning. If a user’s search string was found in the title of your page then that page will have a higher listing.

Though each search engine has a different algorithm to rank pages based on a search a generic change in the literary content of the site could improve its search engine ratings.

As there is no particular method of optimizing your pages, experimenting with this will be useful. Set your sites on what people are searching for, and build your web site around those keywords, and you might find your web site on the first page. You could use an open tracking system like to check the users who are coming to your site, how they are finding your site and the search string they used, if they used a search engine.

Nowadays there are plenty of sites having same content. So it becomes very tough for getting your site listed on top in search engine’s result. Search engine optimization is a technique by which you can get desired results. It is very tricky and requires correct density of words to work. Google treats keywords appearing in a website twenty percent or more than that as spam. It is very important to optimize your site for better ranking. To earn from ads it becomes very necessary to pull traffic to your site. Pulling traffic is not easy and when there are so many choices around. High quality unique content along with good optimization can really do wonders for your site as well as you. Optimize your site today for better tomorrow.

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