7 Best Gmail Alternatives For Daily Use

When we think of online mailing services, it’s almost like our brains are wired to think of Gmail. Over the years, Gmail dominated the mail delivery sector and quickly became the go-to email provider for many people.

The likability of Gmail can be associated with the platform’s user-friendly interface. However, with the growth of Google and security breaches, many email users have recently started to look for alternate email providers.

So, in today’s article, we’ll be focusing on email alternatives to Gmail and why an alternative email platform is required.

Why Switch to Gmail Alternatives?

Yes, we all know that Gmail is loved globally by people due to its familiarity and user-friendliness, but we have to admit that Gmail users suffer a lot in terms of privacy.

The privacy of Gmail users has been put at risk many times – one of the famous incidents being the 2018 case where the Wall Street Journal released an article disproving Google’s announcement to stop scanning its user emails for the purpose of targeted ads.

Such security scares offer Gmail alternative platforms the chance to create a safer platform, and that has been the case for most of the upcoming email alternatives to Gmail (which we will get to later).

Are Alternative Email Providers Useful?

Even if you’re a die-hard Gmail user, everyone should consider trying out different alternatives to Gmail at least once. Now, why are we saying this?

Let’s set aside the privacy concerns for a second and look at other reasons as to why alternate email providers are more than useful.

  • Gmail allows only 10GB of data storage
  • Gmail does not offer payment alternatives
  • It also does not provide any kind of anonymous signup
  • It is US-based

There you have it! Privacy concern of Gmail is only at the top of the iceberg. Over the years, Gmail has accumulated many issues that don’t fit or go hand in hand with the wishes of the general public.

This is one of the main reasons why it’s a good idea to start looking for a Gmail alternative. So, where do we start? Let’s start by looking at some of the specifications to look for in a good email alternative to Gmail.

  • Open source code
  • No ads
  • Custom business domains
  • Information free(personal) signup
  • Privacy-friendly jurisdiction
  • Anonymous payment options
  • End to end encryption

7 Best Gmail Alternatives

With most of the pressing questions answered on the Gmail alternative, let’s have a look at the 7 best Gmail alternatives.


Our first pick, ProtonMail, is deemed an open-source & secure email service provided by CERN and MIT scientists. The platform comes under the protection of Swiss privacy law and carries an easy-to-use interface with end-to-end encryption.

source: ProtonMail

The features of ProtonMail include:

  • Personal I formation is not required for creating an account
  • Platform can be accessed via any device without any software installation
  • Email exchange is secured with end-to-end encryption
  • No requirement for personal information when creating business email accounts

Zoho Mail

When it comes to ad-free mail hosting services, Zoho Mail is a definite winner. Not only that, but the platform is also very secure with tailor-made services for any communication needs. Zoho’s clean & fast protection is another excellent addition against fake emails.

Zoho Mail
source: Zoho Mail

Some of Zoho Mail’s features include:

  • Efficient control panel for admins to make any settings changes and customization.
  • It follows the process of e-Discovery to help discover emails at a quicker rate.
  • It allows users to share files, manage tasks, tag the organization team, and include comments in email threads.
  • Users can also integrate Zoho Customer Relation Management (CRM) to manage sales.

Outlook (Microsoft)

This is Microsoft’s very own email service provider. Outlook is purely browser-based and remains Gmail’s strong competitor. The service is included in Office 365, Exchange Online, and Exchange Server and is excellent on the go and a productive Gmail alternative.

Outlook (Microsoft)
source: Microsoft

Outlook comes with the following features:

  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Built-in calendar to enable scheduling and managing of events/meetings
  • Users can contact information over its name
  • Easy integration to search messages, documents, and people in email.

Yahoo! Mail

This is one of the veteran email service providers and is also a strong contender as an alternative to Gmail. Yahoo! Mail offers an easier signup process along with a free account supported by a massive 1TB storage. The mega storage itself easily overpowers the storage capacity of Gmail.

Yahoo! Mail
source: yahoo

Features of Yahoo! Mail include

  • It allows inbox customization by choosing themes
  • Easy search via date, keyword, or contact
  • Animated GIFs can be used
  • Mobile application offers easy accessibility on the go

AOL Mail

This is another web-based email service offered by Verizon Communications division, AOL. The platform is a great alternative to Gmail due to its simple account interface & mobile app for quick inbox access without any interruption.

AOL Mail

AOL Mail assists users with the following features:

  • It comes with an AOL calendar to manage and keep track of things/events, etc.
  • Enables customization of email list view
  • AOL Mail comes with excellent organization
  • It provides a customized panel to enhance work focus

iCloud Mail

This email service is the creative product of Apple. The iCloud Mail service is compatible with both the iOS mail app and the Mac computer. However, its usage is not limited to Apple users only. Windows users can also use the service via MS Outlook.

iCloud Mail
source: apple

Apple iCloud Mail comes with the following features:

  • It allows access to IMAP
  • iCloud Mail automatically detects new messages and places them within the inbox
  • The service can also load HTML images automatically


The Global Mail eXchange (GMX) service is another Gmail alternative that offers many valuable features. Users can also access the GMX Mail through IMAP4 protocols and webmail POP3.

source: GMX

Some of the features as provided by GMX includes:

  • GMX is one of the top Gmail alternatives that enables up to 50MB of attachment
  • It comes with drag & drops functionality to help manage your schedule
  • The platform also comes with an address book that allows users to track contacts
  • It contains a strong email filter to help keep the inbox clean frequently
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