Google Adwords Advertising, Ranking Your Websites Higher

Learn how to advertising and marketing can help your website using internet and other marketing tools. Search engines will point to your ecommerce website within days if you use the correct keywords.
Any type of business requires a form of advertising; no advertising no business. Every company assigns a budget from their yearly turnover towards advertising. For companies this might be 10-15%, large corporations might spend up to 30-40% on advertising and marketing budgets. Internet marketing is the most powerful marketing tool of the 21st century

The most cost effective way to promote products or services is by having online presence in the form of websites, blogs or various profiles in social networking websites. Everything will add up to a so called marketing mix. Having a variety of strategies in places is better and makes companies or businesses more visible.

Internet Marketing Works Magic

Advertising on the internet seems to become harder and harder by the day; but actually it’s not true. Imagine we only had 1000 websites and a new website is launched, arriving as website #1001 than the change to be found is almost one in one thousand if someone searches for one website per day. But nobody visits one website per day. The internet is growing faster every day, meaning that searching for the right content becomes a bit harder, but the chances created also grow by the day. Internet business is booming. And this growth will not stop in the next couple of years.

Search Engine Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Marketing is almost a science which only a few truly master. Having a website is simple, marketing websites is a bit more complex. Pioneering can be a frustrating and costly exercise. Hiring a professional SEO and SEM marketer to do the job makes more sense and saves money.

Feed the Website with Sufficient Content

Marketing websites becomes exciting and exhilarating once it is filled with sufficient and quality content. No content, no traffic. Knowledgeable content with the correct keywords enabling searching individuals to find web pages makes the internet work. The internet is like a huge highway system; the keywords are the signboards along the digital routes, bringing the search queries to their destinations.

Combine some of the following methods to start advertising ecommerce websites or blogs.

PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC is extremely popular and is becoming more accessible by the day. Great PPC websites are Google AdWords, Yahoo Advertising Network, MSN, Bing, Facebook and tons of others. Reading Perry Marshall’s Ultimate Guide to Adwords will create a knowledge base on the various systems. It is a must read book for any PPC beginner.

Google AdWords and Google AdSense

AdWords is producing ads, AdSense is publishing ads, the combination of the two has made Google the largest advertising company in the entire world. Use them but do not forget to check out the competition.

Email Marketing is Not Spamming

Sensible email, targeted towards potential customers will never be spam, however there is a fine line. Be sensible when using email autoresponders, and only use opt-in contacts in email lists, it helps websites to stay clean from blacklisting.

Be Consistent in Advertisements

Most important in advertising is consistency. Don’t place one ad and hope that phones keep ringing for the next few months. Effective advertising means doing it over and over again, daily, weekly or monthly.

Lets use one of the largest fast food chains in the world as an example: That yellow M passes our cornea at least 5 times per day, wherever we are in the world. If we like it or not, but we will see it. And that creates “brain position”. The next time when hunger or snacking strikes, that yellow M creeps from subconscious mind to conscious mind, telling the hand to open the door, walk to the counter and make a choice from the menu. Once the payment is done, funding the next McD advertisement takes place. A small percentage of the hamburger ends up in the next marketing budget; McDonalds will never stop advertising.

Learn from the big guys, watch what they do and apply. Marketing strategies and marketing tools are essential elements of a viable business.

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