Your Website Needs Google Maps JavaScript API. Here’s Why

One way to add your own modifications to maps would be using Google Maps JavaScript API. Whether you’re at home leisurely looking for new places or needing directions in a new town, Google Maps always comes in handy. This convenient map application uses satellite and an aerial view of locations.

You can make a map even more exciting by customizing maps with interactive controls. This is why many people have switched to maps with API controls over static maps when they need extra information.

During these recent years alone, we have witnessed how google maps have been used to track COVID restricted areas and the like. JavaScript API made this easy. This article will teach you how developers use JavaScript API to create interactive maps for daily use.

What is Google Maps API JavaScript?

Google Maps API JavaScript allows you to customize maps with your content and images and use it on web pages and mobile devices. It presents four basic map types: the satellite, road map, satellite, terrain, and hybrid.

Unlike static maps, customized API maps come with many features and give you all the information you need. For example, a map with an API feature will help you determine the total time you need for a journey depending on the mode of transport.

If you are on a trip to a foreign country, you can use Google Maps API to mark specific places you would like to visit or have visited. You can share these customized maps with your friends or family, and you can also share the routes of different events and places.

Using Google Maps API for better precision

You can create customized maps, add markers, pinpoints, or directions and share them with Google My Maps.

Google Maps API uses profuse services and libraries with different layers and styles. With JavaScript API, you have the option to create google maps depending on various platforms such as iOS, Android, web, and web services.

You can start a project and create your API from “Enable API.”

Preparing to create a customized API map

If you aren’t familiar with coding or JavaScript, you can always look up a guide. In recent years, global marketing platforms have seen an immense use of API-driven projects.

Apps like Google Maps are among the many uses of API where customization and a user-friendly interface is the key aim. The Internet offers many step-by-step guides to coding and developing websites to be confident in what you create.

Create custom Google Maps for your website

Creating a custom google map allows you to choose any location already available on the map of the earth. You are free to add markers, create custom icons, and add pop-up overlays and details with different shapes to the existing maps.

Using Google maps on websites will give a more reliable outlook as it has all the information visitors may need. You will need a skilled computer coder to develop just the correct map.

Always consider the necessary information your website visitors might have in mind and put up all the directions on your map. This way, you have the upper hand in attracting more traffic to your website and gaining a wider audience.

Google Maps JavaScript API
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How to create custom Google Maps?

  1. Go to the Google Maps website from any web browser where an existing google account is available. If you don’t have a google account, remember to make one before creating your map.
  2. After you sign in, choose “Your Places” from the menu icon on the top left of your home page.
  3. Now select the “Create Map” from the “Maps” tab under the “Your Places” option.
  4. Select the arrow option next to the “Base Map” option and customize the “Base Map” layers and the map theme according to you.
  5. Under the “Untitled map” option, give it a title under MAP TITLE under the “Untitled map” option.
  6. And mention the description of the map. Your maps can be for personal or business purposes. Now click “Save” to save your work.
  7. Choose a preferred location from the “Base Map” layer and start adding different components to your custom Map in Google Maps, such as markers.
  8. Now, you can choose from which point you will start the journey and by what method you would travel.
  9. Now, draw the line or shape of your route and double click when you reach your destination on the map. This method creates a custom direction. To do this, choose the “Add Directions” option from the menu bar.
  10. You can add markers in a specific location of the route. If there are any stops or unique places you have visited, you can add a tag and describe them.
  11. Do you want to highlight any critical place on your map? You can do so by using the “Add line or shape” option under the “Draw a Line” option in the menu bar.

Create custom Google Maps in JavaScript API

To create a google map JavaScript API, you have to consider declaring a true DOCTYPE using HTML5 with the web browser application, such as <!DOCTYPE html>

Your Browsers should be able to understand it and display it in “standard mode.” However, if your browser does not understand it, it will be displayed in “quirks mode.”

Script tag allows you to load the Maps JavaScript API. You can add it inline in the HTML file or use a separate JavaScript file.


<script async




Async asynchronously downloads and executes the script. Once over, the callback parameter will perform the function specified for it.

Src is the URL from where the Maps JavaScript is loaded from. And it includes the key which allows you to add your specific API key and callback, which is the name of the global function.

After you have saved your work and want to see your map on the webpage, you have to create a spot for it.

In the DOM (document object model), create a div and obtain a reference to this element.


<div id="map">


Adjust the dimensions of your map on the <div> based on the screen size and padding of the browser.

Viewing your custom Google Maps

After you have saved your custom Google Map, you can now access it whenever you want to from the Menu>Your Places>Maps or from the google map on the website.

To access the google map on a website, sign in from your Google account, choose the “Owned” tab and make your google maps custom available.

Sharing custom Google Maps

You can share your custom maps on different social media platforms from the “Share Map” option. Or share it directly with others from the “Share” button under the “Owned” tab.


Google Maps JavaScript API will make you design the map that you want. You only need knowledge of the programming languages and proper coding procedures. Using JavaScript is highly beneficial as it is one programming language accessible to most devices.

Once you are all set to create your customized map, nothing can stop you from attracting direction-needing persons from around the globe.

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