How to Buy a Domain That is Taken?

Today many entrepreneurs want are met with the question of how to buy a domain that is taken. Why because these domains are necessary to create unique websites. Every business and website should have a unique name to stand out among the crowd. But how do you buy a domain that is taken?

There are various places where you can check whether your domain name is available or not and purchase or even register a domain name. Domain buyers will get all the information they need here.

Why Should You Buy a Domain?

If you have a perfect name in mind before you make a website, you have first to check whether that name is available or not. You can search the name in .org, .biz, or .com. but if others have already registered the name, it will not be available.

You have the option to buy it from the owner of the domain. If your name seems unique, you can register it in different dot extensions such as .in,.org, or .com, but the best option would

When your search “Buy a domain” in the Google search bar, you will be led to countless ads options varying from GoDaddy, HostGator, Google domain, etc.

Choose trusted, reliable, and affordable domain registrars, and you can buy the name from them. Your choice of sites will significantly determine whether your domain name will come up when you search it or not.

For example:

When you select any site, you will find different prices for different dot extensions; however, this keeps on changing.

Domain Name Buyer

First, you have to check whether the domain name of your choice is available for you to purchase or not.

Under the search bar, search the name you have chosen.

If your business is from a small local region, adding a relevant keyword to your domain name is better.

And choose the top-level domain or select all the extensions present in the left corner of the search bar.

It will show you all the information about whether the name you have chosen is already registered or not. If it is not registered by anyone, you can add it to your cart and buy it. After you buy a domain now, it is your responsibility to renew it every year to own that name as long as you would like.

You will probably get discounts on first-time buyers, and later on, there will be an increase in the renewal fees. The prices, however, differ at different sites.

It will lead you directly to the payment gateway during checkout and pay it.

Buying a Website Domain/ How to Buy a Domain Name from Someone.

Imagine the name you have very well thought of, the name you want to use for the website you want to start, but some other party has already taken the name. In this case, you have to find the owner of the name. You can do so by paying a small amount to the owner of that domain name.

How to Contact Domain Owner

Go to the website of that domain name and check if there is any contact information available to contact the owner. Or you can use a public database and check “Who is.” Most of the time, the contact information is available, but if the contact info is private, you can at least get a link in “Who is” that takes you to the actual owner of the name.

After getting the owner’s information and contacting them, the tricky part comes, “Negotiating.” Be discerning with the name owner and see whether that name carries how much value to it.

For example, if the name belongs to a smaller company or a brand, you can negotiate for a smaller amount of money and decide who should sell the name to, and this process can be done swiftly. But if that name belongs to a larger company, you cannot just contact the website admin because they will not be the decision-making, and you might never even hear back from them.

Therefore, it becomes crucial for you to contact the actual owner directly, like the CEO or the marketing person, to sell you the name.

How to settle the amount on the domain name with the seller

This part becomes vital in the process of negotiating with the seller. First, you have to find out the worth of the name you have selected through different networking platforms.

Examples of such platforms include or etc.

How to Value Your Domain Name

Ask whether that name that is already taken can be sold and for how much. You should also understand the amount of money they have invested in that name, the renewal fees, or even if they have bought it from others, the amount they have paid to buy it. They have to be able to ask the amount worth of the name.

Researching, negotiating, and transferring the name can take about one month or more.

After both the parties have settled on a price, you can use any trusted methods of payment example,, which allows you to directly transfer the funds or use a third-party transaction service like GoDaddy with the auction service where you have to pay the GoDaddy, and once they get the money, they will transfer it to the owner.

How long it will take to get the name finally.

Finally, getting the name will take some time because both parties should agree to the name transfer and verify it. If you want your name to be in a safe zone while all the transfer is taking place and after completing the transfer, you need to go through specific security protocols.

This transfer can also be taken care of by a broker who has all the ideas on this transfer process, and this allows you not to waste time in this process. You pay some amount, and they will take care, and it also helps in the anonymity of the buyer.


Domain buying has become an increasing activity among modern business owners. It helps them create the best establishments that have a personalized appeal.

Buying website domains will help you modify your domain page however you like it and add necessary information or features or even an email similar to your domain name. For adding an email identical to your domain name, you have to pay a small sum. But in the end, it is all worth it.

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