How to Choose a Domain Name

Choosing a good domain name has perplexed webmasters since the beginning of time. However, it’s really not that difficult. If you approach it in a creative manner, anything is possible.

Generally, ideal names are around 7 or less letters. Good domains typically center around the “.com” extension as well. The problem comes when it happens that these names are all taken. These ideal, short names that flow off the tongue are usually bought and established upon. If you’re making a website on pizza, is obviously taken. If you’re making a site about horses, is probably already taken. Now, you’re forced into two paths. Either you buy the already taken domain name for an expensive price, or you think up of something else. If you’re like me and can’t afford to buy million dollar domain names, it’s time to create one yourself.

Consider the following ideas to conjure a domain name on your own.

1. Use imagery in your domain name

Try to think about what your website is trying to offer. If your website offers something fast (Like fast service or quotes) associate it with a lightning bolt, like: Just associate your website with an image, and it will work fine. Domain names like,, etc. all bring out some form of imagery to make it memorable. Just think about what your website is, and associate it with an object.

2. Use synonyms

If the ideal domain name you thought of is taken, use some synonyms of the word. Maybe you want to make a website that sells candy. However, is taken. Thus, you’d replace candy with sweet and shop with store, yielding Replacing your existing idea with short synonyms is another smart way to create your domain name.

3. Random Names

Successful domain names don’t have to be real words. People often get wrapped up with thinking of a domain with real words. However, many sites that attract a lot of traffic are relatively random names. A perfect example is Though it isn’t a real English word, it’s catchy and attracts many visitors. Thus, if you really can’t think of a domain name with real words, make up something that isn’t real. Ideally, this name should be fairly short and easy to spell, so your visitors can come back often.

4. Appeal to the Senses

The human has five senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound. Therefore, it’s often beneficial to use something which appeals to the senses for your name. For example, if your website was about baking bread, you might want to have a domain name like: Think about the human senses and appeal to them. If done well, it will be memorable and you’ll gain traffic.

Domain names coming off the top of your head will often be taken and be very expensive to acquire. However, with enough patience and thinking, you can conjure up a million-dollar domain name out of nothing.

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