How to Create Online Content Through Asking Questions

Writers are constantly searching for ways to create new and original online content for Web sites. Online content is not difficult to develop and can allow writers to develop large amounts of content in a short time. One quick and easy way to develop online content is to start asking questions. Everyone has questions about something at some point each day. The issue for writers is to ask the right questions to spur interest in their internet content and increase their overall number of page views.

Questions can become a source of online articles and content in several simple steps. The following are six easy ways to create internet content with questions.

Most journalists and writers often use a simple format when dealing with news stories. The simple six questions can provide more than enough information to communicate news to many people. Good writers ask: who, what, when, where, why and how. These basic questions form the foundation for writing and general communication.

Who questions are all about the audience or the reader. Who questions identify who the writer is attempting to build a bridge with in the course of writing an article. Knowing who the audience is allows the writer to develop a better connection with the reader.

  • Who needs this information?
  • Who does the writer want to connect with?
  • Who is the article written for and who is it not written for?

What questions deal with the issues of information and content. Dealing with the matter of what topic or subject to write about and what content to include within the text of the article. Knowing what to write is the first step in communicating as a writer.

  • What are the important facts?
  • What information should be communicated?

When questions deal with the timing of the article. The timing of the article creates a connection with the reader. For example, writing an article about Christmas in the month of April is not likely to resonate with a lot of people. Timing of articles assists in the possible residual income of the piece. When questions also deals with the specific timing of the information. There are specific times of the year, the month and the day when specific information is more useful. Seasonal articles often earn more money in the right season.

  • When does the article need posted?
  • When do people need to know this information?
  • When does it apply to their needs?

Where questions deal with the placement of the article. On many writing sites there are sections within the site. Where questions also deal with the placement of the reader in relation to the article. The writer must be able to communicate to the readers at a specific point of life. For example, writing about weddings would not likely appeal to women who have been married for five years or more.

  • Where does the article fit in the site?
  • Where does the information apply to life?
  • Where does the reader fit into the scheme of the article?

Why questions seek the motivation for the reader. The writer must be able to develop a connection with the reader. Writers have to ask why questions to be able to more effectively communicate.

  • Why should people be interested in the material of the article?
  • Why does the reader need this information?
  • Why would this matter to the reader?

How questions are simply the bridge between the information and the application of concepts. The how questions help the writer to create content that enables them to lend advice to their readers. One of the reasons that how to articles are so popular is that the writer is able to establish a connection between the information and the reader.

  • How will readers make use of the information in the article?
  • How will readers apply concepts in the article?

Asking the right questions can make all the difference between communicating and missing the mark in writing. Being able to answer some or all of these questions can help writers develop online content that connects with readers and earn additional money.

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