How to Get Strong keywords SEO in your articles By Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

The art of making coffee used to illustrate keyword SEO. Two articles for the price of one! Keyword instruction and Coffee Making Instruction this article was inspired by a friend’s article on making facial scrub using coffee grounds. Her article had a wonderful sponsor that was interactive. It allowed me to enter a contest for a Kitchen Makeover. I thought what a great experience.  I love coffee and a kitchen make over wouldn’t’ hurt. So I decided to implement some of my recently learned skills in building strong keywords to use. Loving Coffee and Loving SEO go hand in hand. You need strong coffee sometimes just to focus on words. So why not do both make a good strong keyword article while making a GOOD cup of coffee.

When optimizing an article you need good strong keywords in your title, in the intro, and in the 1st several steps. If you are wanting a specific sponsor you need to use keywords to draw in that sponsor. For example:  keywords coffee and kitchen makeover. USUALLY you will target just one specific set of keywords for strength. IN this case, however I want the sponsors of both coffee makers and kitchen makeovers.

Just like in using strong clear keywords, you need clear fresh water for coffee. Here are my final steps to great coffee (and remember its 3 AM here). Start with FILTERED water. Natural spring water is best; so that there is no arsenic or other potentially fatal things in your water. Make sure it is cold. ALSO Make sure you grounds are FRESH. Grind them yourself.

Have a clean coffee making machine. I love the Bunn coffee maker as it keeps water hot and so brewing is very fast. It would be better to use a French press pot for good coffee.  If you brew less than once a day you might want a coffee make that does not heat and hold water.  A single serve coffeemaker has become quite popular. An old fashioned peculator, is also a choice in coffee makers that can make fantastic coffee – especially tasty on a campout.

Choose your favorite grind and follow directions on back of can or in package. Buy a grinder and grind your own with fresh beans.  I prefer to use less grind when using freshground beans. I use just a smitchy under 1/2 cup of coffee grind for a regular 12 cup pot.  That works out to about 2 Tbls grind per 6 oz of water. Some people do not like it this strong, they can add water. Any stronger and it grows hair on your chest. Any weaker and coffee tastes bitter.

If you want to try it, in some countries they add an eggshell or even whole egg to the grounds. I am not sure what that does other than recycle an eggshell, but what does it hurt to try it? There is link in resource box for a take off on this idea.

Have a really cool special cup for your coffee. It may sound silly but it does enhance the coffee experience. You can add a little water and heat in the microwave, let stand for a couple of minutes to take the chill off the cup.

Choose a favorite creamer set out a tray and invite a neighbor friend over. Show them this article and tell them about your writings too. Have a small coffee club party.

Have you seen the cool new Single Serve Coffeemakers? I have used one at the orthodontist office and it is AWESOME. So I want that in my new kitchen. AND now, you know, the rest of the story. This is how to get keyword results in the article you are writing and how to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

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