Microsoft Edge vs Chrome: Which browser is best?

For years, the Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome collision has been head-to-head. In the matter of architecture, performance, and so on, we will dissect the chrome edge spar and look at how they relate and differ in various ways.

A web browser is a powerful tool that acts almost like an airplane, with its ability to take you anywhere you choose. It allows you to see texts, images, & videos from any location. Its vastness keeps increasing day by day, changing how we function and interact with one another.

There are many web browsers in the market that we use to bridge connections and drive innovative ways, including Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge, along with others like Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. These web browsers retrieve information from the web and present it on your desktop or mobile screen.

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source: browserstack, Statcounter

How to Compare Web Browsers

Since the internet began, there has been a fiery war among browsers to be at the top, and unfortunately, one soldier has fallen: Internet Explorer. Still, the other web browsers continue to fight, but how do we pick the best one?

Despite Chrome taking the throne, web browser comparisons are still required to know how their features compare to that of others.

Portability is one feature that is significant when comparing web browsers as it measures the web browser functionality on different operating systems. Synchronization of things like bookmarks, settings, and history is made more accessible if the browser is portable from one OS to the other.

Browsing speed and performance is another benchmark as memory use is highly important — the higher the memory usage, the slower the functionality.

Privacy, on the other hand, is paramount because better protection means effective usage. If the web browser’s privacy and security features are dominant, your data will be less vulnerable to threats.

Browser Comparison: Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome shares many similarities with Microsoft Edge as the two are competitive at all times, so they leave no gaps between each other. They are both efficient when you want private browsing, smooth surfing of the internet, or simply clearing your cache. However, they do have some differences, which we will dissect.


In browser speed comparison, Microsoft Edge became a Chromium-based browser and has stated that it was 112% faster than Google Chrome. A number of people have tested this out and count it as accurate; Edge is, in fact, faster than Chrome and other browsers like Firefox and Opera.

Edge is advantageous because of its lesser memory usage. Despite Chrome’s initial reputation for less amount of RAM use, Edge now uses fewer resources as compared to Chrome. Sources claim that with six pages loaded, Chrome was bloated with 1.4GB of RAM, while Edge used only 665MB.


When browsing the internet, your privacy and security are one of your top priorities. Chrome provides users with more control over their data and various privacy-protecting features such as Enhanced Protection. It offers frequent updates, eliminating any threats and vulnerabilities with its refinement. This keeps cybercriminals away by not giving them enough time to act.

Microsoft Edge has a SmartScreen Defender, which makes it more sophisticated. This feature overpowers Google Safe Browsing and securely blocks malware while protecting against phishing. However, it does not deliver regular updates, and this makes it more vulnerable to cybercrime.


Security encompasses threats from the outside, and privacy is more about internal threats, such as the leaking of data to third parties. Neither browser is well known in this category, with Chrome being infamous for its targeted ads.

Google regularly collects data, including personal information, location, browsing history, and so on. The company then specifies ads for you through the collected revenue. Even though this feature can be changed through the “my activity” part, it makes Google unreliable.

Microsoft Edge is no different when it comes to this matter. The tech company collects your personal data and develops targeted advertisements to personalize your web experience. It would’ve been a draw in this category, but Edge reluctantly wins as it does not have as many scandals related to privacy under its belt as Google.

Is Microsoft Edge the Same as Internet Explorer?

Both Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge were developed under Microsoft; however, they are entirely different from one another. For instance, Internet Explorer has been eliminated as Microsoft’s default browser, with Edge as its replacement. However, Edge will have an IE mode to allow legacy sites to work with their preferred platform.

Microsoft Edge may have some similarities in its appearance, but it is a better choice. It has lots of memory and is overall faster when using complex websites such as eBay. It is far more reliable as it does not lead you to linked scams and rarely crashes or freezes.

How Is Microsoft Edge Better Than Google Chrome?

Microsoft Edge came to life after Google Chrome was released. Due to their similarities, it became known as a copycat, but is Microsoft Edge good? As a matter of fact, it takes the win in various aspects, such as vertical tabs, reading features, tracking, etc.

Instead of arranging tabs at the top, Edge can place them along the left side of your screen, fitting more tabs on the screen as compared to Google Chrome. It also has a feature that other browsers don’t — the F9 reading feature — where you can bring up a reader mode with cleared ads and adjustable texts. A ‘Read Aloud’ feature is also included where you can choose from various voices to read to you.

They do have similar features and are both efficient when in use, but Chrome is known to bring targeted ads to you through a collection of your browsing history. However, it is easier to block this type of data collection right away when using Microsoft Edge. You can stop websites from collecting your data by blocking them using extensions.

Bottom Line

Edge is still a few staircases away from catching up to Chrome; however, it is taking long strides to the top with its innovative features. Chrome has a higher market share, but Edge is also expanding in the field.

Web browsers do not differ massively when it comes to their use, but their functionality varies in a variety of ways. To compare web browsers and make a decision between one or the other, it is best to stay informed.

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