Need a Steady Paycheck? Become a Web Developer

Web developing is the one career field that seems to always have work, mostly because people will always use the internet and need someone to show them how to create presence. If you would like to become a web developer you will need to follow three simple steps to get you working. These steps are investing the time it takes to educate yourself for free, finding work and getting certified. If you do these things eventually you will be able to compete with those who have degrees, with your portfolio.

The main goal for someone who is interested in being a web developer, is to get an education that costs time and not money. There are several self taught classes online that are free, to those who wish to learn the trade. The most you should spend is the cost to get certified in each category. Once you have html learned, start blogging about what you learned. Add this blog to your resume and portfolio and work on it every time you learn something new.

Start working right away. Once you know how to write code, start looking for gigs on craigslist right away. You will almost always find something that lets you work from home. All you really need to know is HTML, prior to working. There are a lot of people looking for assistance, and you can work for a minimum amount if they agree to give you a good letter of reference and let you add a screen shot to your portfolio. Everything you do needs to be looked at as an opportunity to build a great portfolio, the better your portfolio the better the pay.

Prove to your potential contracts that you are able to do the work they want to hire you for. Have a portfolio, and if you don’t have a good one make sure that your blog and certificates are in it. Taking tests and getting certified will show people that you can do, what you say you can do, they will be more likely to hire you, if you are entry level, but certified.

If you are really interested in making more money, learning to be a web developer can get you on the fast track to increasing your income. Take a month or two to get familiar with the basics and then try some gigs. You will see that many people just need help for a day or two, but are glad to hire someone new in the field if they know what they are doing.

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