The 6 Best News Aggregators Websites Examples 2023

Paying attention to everything that’s going on in the world seems impossible without news aggregator websites in this day and age. We’re talking about all your feeds, news, updates, tips, and guides for your essential needs and all the latest news from all your favorite blogs or websites in one place.

This article lists some of the best news aggregator websites for 2022 that you can use to stay updated with all your news and blogs from all your favorite websites and everything that has to do with news aggregation sites.

How do news aggregator websites work?

In simple words, news aggregators make your life easier by assembling news from the best news sources or blogs or from your favorite websites and collecting them all in one place and organizing them according to your preference.

This hassle-free method of not having to search the whole internet daily to find the updates you’re looking for is relatively new but has become very popular. Like every other content aggregator site, news aggregator websites use RSS feeds provided by other news organizations to help keep you updated on everything that you’re looking for.

These sites do not create content of their own but, as mentioned earlier, provide easy access to news that their users are into. They are beneficial for the publishers of different sites since thousands of readers view their content. With more readers comes more traffic.

So what are the best news aggregator websites in 2022?

Best news aggregator websites in 2022


Feedly is hands-down one of the most popular news aggregator websites on the internet today. They offer an AI assistant that you can teach to make it effortlessly prioritize the right feeds to show according to your preference and filter out the unimportant ones.

source: Feedly

With Feedly, you can curate your news stream with the latest content from your favorite publishers and from any RSS feed that you have in mind. You can also discover new content and websites based on any niche you’re trying to get into.

With its clean and straightforward interface, Feedly offers you up to 100 sources, and you can even add your favorite blogs or news websites manually. They also have a paid version that comes at three different prices. With just $6, you get up to 1000 sources and many more advantages.


As the name suggests, Techmeme is a news aggregator website dealing with technology-related content. They also feature content from the best news sources among the top world news publications like the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

site: Techmeme

Techmeme provides an easy access to people looking for all tech news since they feature hot trending news happening all around in the tech world. They also offer topic-related ads to their users, and all the articles contain links to other sources right on their homepage.


While different from all the other news aggregators, you’ll find yourself at home if you’re a web designer, a tech entrepreneur, or a web developer at Panda. They offer the most popular and the latest tech-based news that you can easily get access to.

source: Panda

They offer a default list of around 30 feeds focused on tech content sites like TechCrunch, Dribble, and similar websites. And it is displayed in an elegant grid of thumbnails, and you also have the option to add more feeds as per your taste.


Pocket lets you save and bookmark the content you want to read or watch with the press of a button. This makes it possible to curate a list of your desired content to read or watch whenever and across different devices. The Best thing about using Pocket is that it offers recommendations of the similar niche you save or bookmark.

source: Pocket

You get hand-picked articles or content daily based on your search and already saved content. Pocket offers you a range of content categories to choose from, and it is elementary to browse through.


Flipboard is hands-down one of the most well-designed news aggregators out there. Well known for its magazine-style design, Flipboard offers its users worldwide news, topics, and publications from your favorite bloggers and websites without any limitations.

source: Flipboard

This is a free-to-use news aggregator, and they even offer the choice to feed yourself with local news from local papers by selecting your city or country. Flipboard even lets you find any specific sources, niches, and topics. The ‘like’ and ‘less like this’ function they offer matches the contents that you like and gives you sources regarding it.


Fark is easily one of the best news aggregator sites, with over 50+ million views per month. They are slightly different from the rest of the news aggregators since they let people manually send their links selected by the site’s professional team and are given peculiar headlines with peak humor.


Around 100 links are accepted to be placed on their homepage, and the articles are categorized under different sections ranging from, Ironic, Awkward, Creepy, or Florida.

They also offer various news content and articles on entertainment, business, sports, and politics.

Are news aggregator apps available on mobile?

Most of these mentioned websites have their news aggregator apps on mobile – Available both on Android and IOS, which you can easily download and access from anywhere.

Do I need news feeds for websites?

Newsfeeds for websites help you with SEO that keeps your website high up on the search results. It also updates fresh content daily, which brings in more visitors and users to your websites, and in the end, drives traffic to your site. You can choose any RSS feeds that you want to effortlessly put on your website from the best news sources like the BBC, New York Times, and the likes.

Whether it’d be world news and publications from top news sources or narrowing it down to local newspapers and contents from your city or country, news feeds are essential, mainly to keep your visitors and users hooked on your website.

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