Squarespace Pricing: Which One to Choose and Why

If you are interested in making your website, here are some things you need to know about Squarespace pricing that will prove beneficial to you. Squarespace helps you quickly build a personal or business website, cover page, or online store.

Squarespace was developed in 2004 and now hosts over a million paying customers. This program allows even a novice to create a masterwork webpage with the already available variety of award-winning templates and wallpapers.  It also allows you to purchase a domain name as well.

Squarespace pricing plans

Squarespace price planning comes with four effective plans and a 14-day free trial. Before you invest your money in the plans, you can first test with the free trial and see whether the software is up to your liking or not. And if it comes in your favor, you can invest your money in any of the plans depending on what kind of website you are making and enjoy the total capacity.

Squarespace pricing plans
source: squarespace
Squarespace pricing plans
source: squarespace

Details of pricing: Squarespace plans are available in four types:

  1. Personal Plans
  2. Business Plans
  3. Basic Commerce
  4. Advance commerce

On the home page, first, choose your preferred currency.

For example, Squarespace prices have these currencies:

-$ AUD

-€ EUR

-£ GBP

-$ USD

Let’s say you chose $ USD; now, you will be able to see the prices in dollar form.  Each plan has a different price range and comes in monthly and annual payment options. Choose whichever plan will work out the best for you.

If you feel like the fees are high, you can do a little math and save some money. So, if you pay your payments monthly, it will cost you $312 for the business plan; however, annual plans will cost you only $216. Squarespace website costs will vary depending on your plan, so make a reasonable decision.

Squarespace costs

Squarespace performs exceptionally well as a website builder. Its high performance is attributed to the benefits that come with its varying plans. Personal plan and Business Plan comes under this Website category.

Squarespace Personal plan

If you want to create a professional, unique website, blog, or portfolio, Squarespace is a good option for you. Personal plans cost $14 a month and include all of the basic features of Squarespace, such as

Unlimited pages, galleries, and blogs with unlimited bandwidth and storage and 2 contributors, which is a plus point of this software.

mobile-optimized website

web metrics

Free custom domain name for 1 year with annual purchases as you go on

-SSL Security

24/7 Customer Support

ad-free content making.

However, a personal plan does not give you the option to sell products through your website, and you can upgrade it to another plan anytime you want.

Squarespace business plan

If you want to use the email marketing feature to kick start your online or service-based business, you can choose this plan and kick off with your project. The cost of the Business Plan is $18 a month.

This plan will consist of all the basic plans available in the personal plan. Some of the extra benefits you will get along with this plan includes:

Professional email from google

– $100 Google Ads Credit

– Promotional Pop-Ups where you will get pop-up messages and emails for the marketing platform directly from Google. You can customize how your pop-up will look, on what pages you want it to appear, and the pop-up time.

Fully integrated e-commerce which allows you to sell any number of physical, digital, and service-based products

3% transaction fee: You have to pay a fee of 35% for every transaction fee, so this plan is better for businesses selling a small number of products.

Mobile Information Bar features allow you to display your information such as phone number, email, location, and business hours.

Complete Customization Through CSS and JavaScript in business plans allows you to use the code injection feature and code to the header and footer of every page.

– Premium Blogs and Integration access you to a newsletter block where you can build an email list and use email marketing, allow you to schedule meetings with clients, and consists of blocks such as OpenTable, Amazon, and donation.

– you can put your recent promotion news or any announcements like sales in the Announcement Bar. You can make it so that audiences can be directed when they click on the announcement bar.

Online store plans:

Basic commerce and advanced commerce come under this plan.

Basic commerce

If you have a large-scale business bringing you at least $3000 annually, you can do away with Basic Commerce plans.

This plan costs $26 per month and does not include any transaction fees. It allows you to reach a wider audience about your business through social platforms such as Instagram. And the customers can go through your domain directly.

In this plan, you can see your “Abandoned Cart,” “Form and Button Conversions,” and “Purchase Funnel.”

Extra Features such as

  • Label Printing via Ship Station benefits merchants shopping from Australia, Canada, the US, and the UK.
  • Integrated Accounting Via Xero for people residing in the US.
  • Checkout On Your Domain
  • Customer Accounts give the option to the customers to save their payment methods, shipping address, shopping carts, and order information.

Advance commerce

This plan comes with a price of $40 a month, and it consists of all the core features not present in the other plans, along with all the elements present in the Business plan and the Basic Commerce Plan. So, if you are opening a website intending to expand broadly, this is the best plan for you.

The new benefits you will find in this plan are

– Abandoned Cart Auto-recovery feature automatically sends reminders to customers regarding their shopping cart. It involves reminders about products that have been added to their cart and left without completing the order. However, this function is only activated 24 hours after customers have added the products to their cart.

– Real-Time Carrier shipping allows a customer to automatically calculate the shipping costs for FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

– Flexible discount feature grants a customer the privilege to skip manually selecting discounts. The discounts are automatically added to their carts if they have met the necessary criteria.

– Gift Card

– Orders API can allow other software or sites to your Squarespace API


Now that you have read all about Squarespace pricing, you can create your webpage, customize it, edit graphics and add additional features like fonts, logos, etc., with all the best features. You also have the option to get inspired by other great web pages already present on the site under the tour option on Squarespace.

Squarespace fees vary from plan to plan, so you only need to take into account your personal and business needs before registering on one. Once you are completed, you can share your ideas, works, and content with the world!

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