A User Review of Using Godaddy: The Simple Easy Way to Register Your Domain Name

There are many things that go into having a website. You may have to think about what your website is about, what you want your website to look like, and even what functionality you want to have on your website. Indeed, rather than starting with a full-functioning website, you may decide to just start with a simple blog at first. Regardless, one of the things that you may be thinking about is having your own domain name. With that, I recommend GoDaddy and here’s why:

Ease of Use

One thing about GoDaddy is that it is easy to use. The first thing you should decide is what domain name you want for your website or blog. Let’s say that you want your domain name to be cnn.com . Obviously, cnn.com is taken, but, let’s say you didn’t know that. You go to godaddy, enter the name you want, (in this example, cnn), and GoDaddy will inform you that the name is taken. However, what it does, which is helpful, is that it gives you suggested names that is available. If none of the suggested names suit you, then think of a different domain name and rinse and repeat.

Using GoDaddy, you can register multiple domains at the same time.


The pricing is not too bad for what you get. At GoDaddy, new “.com” names are just $9.99 per year. Not bad comparatively speaking. However, if you want to buy an existing domain name, that can cost hundreds to even thousands of dollars. I’m sure you can come up with your own unique domain name that you don’t need to spend all that money for.


You can actually register a domain name at GoDaddy without creating an account. However, if you don’t create an account, then you’ll likely have to log in with your customer number which is a series of numbers. Actually, I did it this way, and I didn’t like it and so after I purchased the domain name, I then created an account thinking that it would recognize my information and automatically merge the information. Well, what I got was two different ways to log into GoDaddy and of course, I only needed one way. Don’t do this.

If you decided not to create an account before you purchase your domain name, you can simply log into GoDaddy and change your username to log in. This is under the Account Settings and Account Security Information options. Once again, the user-face once you log in is simple to use.

Customer Support

What I truly like about GoDaddy is the customer support. When I registered my GoDaddy domain names, I soon thereafter received a call from their customer support representative seeking to ensure that my questions were answered and that I understood the options I selected when I purchased the domain name. This was a great service they provided because, when I registered my domain name, I thought I was did something but, after speaking to the customer support representative, I realized I didn’t. Point is, GoDaddy is easy to use, but even if you don’t understand something, the 24 hour support staff is there to help, and they are really friendly and helpful.

Also, I called GoDaddy myself to take care of my dual registration issue above. All they had to do was merge the accounts together. That took a couple of hours, but again, everything went smoothly.


I fully recommend registering your domain names at GoDaddy. I haven’t tried hosting my websites with GoDaddy, but I don’t think I will – given the fact that with the free hosting they provide, you have to be stuck with advertisement on your website or blog. However, look out my other articles on the hosting service I choose. That being said, if you simply want to register a domain now, I recommend GoDaddy because they are easy to use, they provide 24 hour support, they are reasonably priced, and, quite frankly, they provide many benefits to their customers (not just registering domain names).

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