Top Marketing Tools for Web Site Owners

The Internet is a vast tool of resources that are available to Web site owners which when used correctly can connect Web site owners with their target markets effectively and efficiently. While the Internet was once just a vast amount of one way communication where users could go to look for information and nothing further, it is now a form of two way communication that allows users to directly communicate with one another about all kinds of subject matter. There are many ways that a user can now connect to the web and communicate along a two way channel to others users to optimize information finding and business related interaction.

Social Bookmarking

There are hundreds of social bookmarking sites available on the Internet and some are more valuable to some businesses than to others. While common social bookmarking sites include Delicious and Digg, there are many not so common sites as well such as Furl, Blue Dot, and My Web. Social bookmarking sites allow users to post the URLs to those pages that they find interesting which shows other Internet users what’s out there that they may also like. By posting information about your Web site to a social bookmarking site you are allowing other users that may potentially fall within your target market find you and the things that interest you.


A blog is like an online diary for your Web site that you allow other users to read. When you use your blog to express what is happening on your Web site you are connecting your target market to your Web site indirectly. Blog communication is a two way channel as it allows readers to post their comments on the subject and to stay up to date with your information relating to your Web site and other blog related issues. A blog is not difficult to start however it does take constant input to keep the target audience involved and amused with it.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds actually stand for Really Simple Syndication. By applying an RSS feed to your Web site or blog you are allowing members of your target market to keep in contact and be notified directly any time changes are made to the site. These feeds are a way for users to subscribe to your content and get automatic updates anytime there is something new. RSS feeds are a great tool when it comes to connecting your site with your target market and staying connected!

Social Networking

Social networking is a way of sharing your interests with others online. Similar to bookmarking except with networking users create entire profiles that other users can check out and add to their contact lists creating a huge network as friends add friends of friends and so on. For a business looking to reach their target market a social networking site is a great place to connect with others who share your interests, get referrals from contacts, and increase your overall network. There are many social networking sites out there but the most common as of yet have been MySpace and Facebook.


Podcasting is a way of connecting your target market to your information through their iPod or computer for playback at their convenience. By allowing your target market to connect to your information via podcast it is more convenient to them because they do not have to work around your time. Users can download a podcast and listen to or view it when they want to.


Widgets allow your target audience to download your Web site applications directly to their desktop for their own use. This two way communication channel connects the target market to you Web site and it’s application offerings allowing the user to utilize some of the benefits that your site has.

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