5 Best Upwork Alternatives for Freelancers and Businesses

As one of the finest and leading platforms within the freelancing market, Upwork has undoubtedly accumulated a big name, and everyone probably wants to have a share in the platform. But, the freelancing gig does not always have to start and end with Upwork, which is precisely why Upwork alternative platforms are worth giving a shot.

To help explore these “other” options, we’ll walk you through some of the best Upwork alternatives currently available. These are platforms that are either in a head-to-head competition with Upwork or at the emerging competitor level.

But before we get to that, let’s look into why Upwork Alternative is a great choice.

Why Choose an Upwork Alternative? 

Although Upwork is an excellent platform, posting for a job on it can be such a hassle at times. This is mainly due to the number of applicants Upwork observes, which makes the selection procedure even more hectic from their end.

Yes, Upwork does allow a rating system, but this is a system that doesn’t necessarily show the preparedness of communication from the freelancer along with certain work habits required to hire someone.

Upwork also has a system that highly benefits freelancers and alike that has been on the platform for a long time, which gives rise to overlooking great partnerships between potential freelancers and clients. Plus, Upwork’s messaging platform is not the best in-store, especially when communicating with multiple freelancers. And if you’re reading this from the business aspect, it’s important to understand the expense cost structure of Upwork.

Admittedly, Upwork is a big player in the freelancing industry, but many Upwork competitors can perform equally without most of the downsides that come with the platform.

Best Freelancer Alternatives to Upwork

To fully understand why Upwork alternatives are increasingly becoming more essential, let’s have a look at five of the most popular competitor platforms of Upwork.


Fiverr makes a big name in terms of independent marketplaces where individuals and small businesses can conduct business for an amount as small as $5 (hence, the name). Service-wise, the platform’s most popular services include web design, digital marketing, content writing, and graphic design (although it may vary according to what freelancers offer).

source: businesswire

Not only is the Fiverr platform affordable, but it also integrates a user-friendly website, which tons of newcomers can benefit from. This “affordable” tag is also what sets Fiverr apart from Upwork. However, both platforms share certain similarities, such as a sound rating/scoring system.

Fiverr for Businesses

The platform offers businesses the advantage of skimming through a range of service categories and subcategories to locate a suitable niche efficiently. But, the issue of fraud is still prevalent on Fiverr.

Fiverr for Freelancers 

Freelancers are given the opportunity to monetize their skills without making any high commitment. Plus, the platform is accessible in any region & country globally. But, there is a slight downside to the forum, which is the 20% fee charged.


With categories that cross the 1k mark and over 30 million users, Freelancer is popularly considered as a top marketplace-type platform. Over a decade-long operation, Freelance has emerged as a reliable workplace for thousands of freelancers and businesses.

source: Freelancer

Freelancer as a platform provides an equal flow of opportunities between freelancers and businesses. The former benefits from immense project offerings, while the latter benefits from different kinds of freelancers with affordable pricing.

Freelancer for Businesses 

Freelancer is known to provide a very transparent communication system where clients and sellers can form direct contact through video calls, chats, and voice calls. But the only trouble is that the platform is also prone to a couple of low-skilled freelancers.

Freelancer for Freelancers 

Freelancer is an incredibly inclusive platform where individuals can find many different niches to invest their skills in. But, there is a downside of limitation as freelancers must initiate a paid subscription to apply for 8+ jobs.


If you’re looking to change the Upwork-esque marketplace environment, then SolidGigs is the ideal choice. But why? Because this platform is not a marketplace (such as Upwork), meaning the platform won’t be taking any percentage cuts from your client revenue.

source: SolidGigs

This is mainly because SolidGigs is more of a lead-generating tool that can be integrated into one’s freelance business. The platform assigns businesses with the gighunter which basically combs through several job listings and presents the best final match.

SolidGigs for Businesses 

Businesses can actually save tons of time by avoiding the hassle of going through hundreds of job boards looking for that one perfect candidate. But the scope of skill availability is somewhat limited as it caters more towards developers, designers, marketers, and writers.

SolidGigs for Freelancers 

The platform’s involvement in not taking any percentage cuts is a huge asset for freelancers, especially for beginners looking to explore and expand their expertise. But as mentioned earlier, the scope of a versatile market is not that big here.


Being a British platform, PeoplePerHour is another one of Upwork alternatives that mainly leans toward the European market. One of the most significant selling points of PeoplePerHour is the combination of Fiverr and Upwork evident throughout the platform.

source: wordpress

PeoplePerHour for Businesses 

The platform is one of the finest when it comes to providing support to businesses by helping them make better decisions. However, businesses may receive too many applicants for a single project.

PeoplePerHour for Freelancers

The high volume of job postings allows freelancers to increase their opportunities to score projects. But this also puts them at the risk of tough competition.

Hubstaff Talent

Among sites like Upwork, Hubstaff Talent is yet another solid and emerging platform that caters to a variety of services. Their main goal is to assist different types of businesses by offering skilled freelancers.

Hubstaff Talent
source: Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent for Businesses 

Hubstaff allows easy monitoring and reviewing of any freelancer’s activity reports, enabling a more transparent work setting. However, qualified freelancers are still on the low.

Hubstaff Talent for Freelancers 

The platform is very inclusive, and pretty any individual with a skill set and join the site. It also allows freelancers to deliver personalized messages to any potential client. But the job market of Hubstaff is still very small.

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