Top Web Design Courses: Beginner Level (Free & Paid)

The creation and maintenance of websites can only be mastered through Web Design courses. Websites that are displayed on the internet are designed by web designers. These web designers create layouts and architectures for the websites, focusing on the visual elements to make the site look appealing.

Several platforms allow you to study the art of web design through them, including blogs, YouTube videos, and so on. However, you never know what the right one for you is.

Today, we will bring you a list of our favorite web design courses, both paid and free of cost, to kickstart your journey with web design programs.

How Can You Qualify as A Web Designer?

Regarding website design courses, getting a degree would not carry the same weight as other university degrees. Due to the ever-changing tech industry, a web designer degree of 10 years ago wouldn’t mean the same today. You will cease to remain a good website designer due to the innovative changes on the internet.

You can, however, keep a collection of your work to showcase your abilities. With your portfolio in hand, you can call attention to your skills and persuade clients to take you on.

List of The Best Web Design Classes

Before you can show off your degree and portfolio to clients, you must first acquire a degree in Web Design. We will go through what are the top online web design courses. They are a collection of both free and paid, so you have a variety of choices.

Free Web Designer Courses

We’ll start with the free courses as you may be skeptical about them at first. However, we are here to assure you that each of them is a great website design course option even though they are free of cost.

  1. BYOL Course

BYOL Course

With the Bring Your Own Laptop course, you can pick up newly learned skills and even boost your skills in just 4 hours. The Beginner Web Design using HTML5, CSS3 & Visual Studio Code is one of many web designing courses for beginners. It encompasses topics ranging from introduction to HTML and Media elements to Responsive design and SEO.

It helps you become better at web designing through entertaining and easy instructed content, which is available for free on YouTube. However, it does not provide you with any certificate after completion. If you want the complete course of 16 hours, you will have to sign up for $12/month and attain a BYOL membership.

  1. Webflow Course

Like other learning platforms, Webflow provides free web designer classes available in over 100 videos. It is offered by Webflow University, an online portal for learning developed by CMS.

Webflow Course

This platform offers 5 hour-long lessons and teaches a syllabus that includes web structure, basics in styling and layout, and so on.

Like BYOL, it does not provide a certificate, but it teaches you using easy instructions and stays up-to-date with info relating to web design. However, it is more like a crash course, so it does not give you a basic foundation to understand the concepts.

  1. freeCodeCamp

freeCodeCamp is an organization that is nonprofit in nature whose goals are to make web development studies accessible to everyone. They will begin with a 4-hour introductory course that teaches students about HTML and JavaScript.


Students are then given assignments to complete, and after completion of all projects given, they are partnered with other organizations that are non-profit to build web applications.

This is one of the best web designing courses for beginners as it helps students actually get an in-depth understanding of the proper creation of responsive designs using HTML & CSS. The 4-hour video is also neatly sectioned to make it easier for the student.

Though free website designer courses are a good experience for beginners, if you actually want to certify your learnings, you need to invest money into the course you take.

There are a number of paid web design classes that can help you start your career in web design. If you are equipped with the required amount of money, then you will begin your career in no time.

  1. TreeHouse

Founded in 2011, the subscription-based learning platform offers more than 300 courses just in web design and development. Like other website design classes, TreeHouse makes use of videos as a format for lessons.


With just $29.99 per month and higher costs for more advanced learning, this platform provides an interactive community, introducing solid foundations on web design basics like layouts, HTML, etc., for over 40 hours.

  1. Coursera

Coursera is obviously not new to the game of online learning. It will offer you courses for anything that you can think of. It is the definition of proficiency and a suitable filtering mechanism.


Offering more than 250 web designer courses, ranging from beginner to intermediate learning. Coursera partners with various educational institutions, so a web design certificate to certify your degree will definitely be handed in. And the good thing is that you enroll for free and only pay for the certification.

  1. edX

Absolute beginners can take this course without second thoughts because of its high reliability as it has landed more than 20 million learners. Past pupils have attested to its learning experience being high-quality. Though many courses are available for free, they still provide good education because of their partnership with leading industries.


Course completion takes 2-4 hours per week but is less focused on foundation introduction, so it is not a good option for beginners. An estimation of how long the estimated time is a period of 7 months with $895.50 for the entire program experience.

Bottom Line

From free online web design courses like YouTube videos or courses through paid platforms, there are a number of different platforms where good learning content is readily available. You have the ability to choose what you are comfortable with and how you learn best.

Though you can learn interactively with teachers more through paid courses, keep in mind that some can be too expensive. However, the free versions do not provide certificates as paid ones.

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