Wix Pricing 2023: Find Best Plan For You

Are you interested in building your website with Wix and are curious about Wix pricing plans? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here we shall discuss everything you need to know regarding the prices, free plan, cost, and various plans.

The overall performance of Wix has made it one of the most popular website builders in the current market. Although it does offer a free plan, the cost of the Wix website has numerous.

Learn everything about the best Wix plans in 2022 and know which plan is best suited for you.


Wix offers a free plan which costs $0, and there is no time limit for using this plan. You can make use of it for as long as you like and commit to a paid plan when you’re ready.

Wix pricing plans start from $14/month, which is billed annually and goes up to $500/month.

Here is a summary of all the paid plans:

Wix plans Annual Cost $ Monthly Cost $ Utility
Combo 14 18 For personal sites and portfolios, removes the Wix ads
Unlimited 18 23 More storage, useful for freelancers
Pro 23 28 Early business or for branding a new business
VIP 39 56 Maximum storage allowance
Business Basic 23 28 The most affordable eCommerce plan for selling


Business Unlimited 27 33 For online stores that need more growth and storage
Business VIP 29 56 For online stores that need more growth and storage, more tools and features
Enterprise 500+ 500+ It comes with a manager that will oversee the account and provide custom plans.

Wix free plan

The price for Wix free plan is actually free; no amount is charged for this plan. All you have to do is register yourself using an email address, and you’re good to go. There is no time limit, so use it as long as you like. There’s no hurry!

Wow! How simple and convenient. Then why not just stick to the free plan, right?

Well, since it is free, there are some conditions. First of all, in this free plan, there are not a lot of features available. You also will have to face the numerous amounts of Wix ads on your site. This is called paying the price for the free stuff.

Is the free plan recommended?

If you’re fine dealing with these issues, you can absolutely use the free plan

  • Wix ads will be on your website.
  • You cannot sell anything on your website.
  • The domain name of your website is provided by the site, and you cannot use your own name.
  • There is no option for priority support- you only receive basic customer care
  • The features and tools are very limited.

Despite these issues, if you are not very serious about your website and creating it for learning purposes or temporarily, this free plan can be highly beneficial.

Difference between Wix non-e-commerce pricing and Wix eCommerce pricing

Although the difference between the non- eCommerce and eCommerce pricings are meager, there are some differences. Hence, they are grouped into two different categories. The major difference is that in the latter, you can sell items and make online payments.


In the non-eCommerce category, there are 4 plans – Combo, Unlimited, Pro, and VIP.

  • Combo plan- A great starter plan for users who want their website to look more professional than the free plan. It is suitable for small blogs, resumes, personal websites, and portfolios. It is $14/month if paid annually. It offers 3 GB of storage.
  • Unlimited plan- It is ideal for freelancers and small businesses looking to upgrade their work. There is an SEO app, paid advertising vouchers, a longer video allowance, and more storage in this plan. It is $18/month. It offers 10 GB storage and 1 hour of video allowance.
  • Pro plan – Just as the name suggests, the pro plan is a professional plan. It does not only offer the features that are available in the unlimited plan, and it also offers more storage, a longer video allowance, and extra features (calendar). You can also rebrand your business with the help of the Wix logo maker.

The pro plan is priced at $23/ month with 20 GB storage.

  • VIP plan- Once your website takes off and is now getting a lot of visits, it is time to upgrade to the VIP plan. You have access to priority support so that your website functions smoothly. It also has the highest storage. It is $39/month.

In the eCommerce category, there are 3 plans – Business basic, Business Unlimited, and Business VIP.

  • Business basic- If you want to start selling and you just want to test the water of eCommerce, this plan is perfect for you. It is $23/month.
  • Business unlimited – Once your business starts escalating, you can start using the unlimited plan. Here you get more storage than in the previous one. You get additional tools to improve your eCommerce site. You can also add product reviews.

There is also an option for dropshipping, discounts, and subscriptions. It is $29/month.

  • Business VIP – This plan is $49/month, and you get access to USPS discounts and online reviews that are more refined and streamlined. The priority support also aids in case of any mishaps.

Wix pricing domain

No matter if you use the free plan or the paid plan, the domain name has a price. You’ll have to renew your domain name yearly. It typically costs between $12 to $16.

However, the domain name remains free for a year, and the charges start only after the first year.

Website Plans – Great for showcasing a professional site

Website Plans - Great for showcasing a professional site

Business and eCommerce Plans – Essential for accepting online payments

Business and eCommerce Plans - Essential for accepting online payments


Affordability, Efficiency, and professionalism- These are the three words to describe the plans of Wix. All their plans speak in volume – high quality, great features, and smooth functioning.

No matter if you are a beginner blogger or a business enthusiast, these plans will work fine. However, if you are a newbie, start using a combo plan or a basic plan to know how to go about it. If you already deal with large websites, always choose the VIP plan.

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