WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: Which is Better and More Suitable For You?

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: Which is Better and More Suitable For You?

Most people, including WordPress users, are yet to entirely understand the differences between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org. For a long time and until now, WordPress still holds the title as one of the most popular approaches to set up a website. If you want to learn about the key distinctions between both platforms and find out which one will be more suitable for you then continue to read this article.

The Differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Based on several factors, there are fine differences between both of these platforms, which will be explored here. However, before you go all in-depth about it, it is necessary to underline the key distinction of WordPress.com vs WordPress.org.

WordPress.com is more of a packaged self-build platform. You can get started for free without needing any external domain name or external hosting. Simply visit WordPress.com, register your account, and you can begin to build your site immediately.

On the other hand, WordPress.org is more of open-source software to set up websites. Think of it as an operating system for your blog or site. The software itself doesn’t require you to pay for anything, but in order to use it, you’ll require a web server or hosting account that typically comes with a cost.

Here is a list that shows you the difference between WordPress and WordPress.org based on a few factors:

  • Cost: WordPress.com provides both free and paid plans (premium starts from $4/month) while WordPress.org cost depends on your domain name and used hosting.
  • Setup process: WordPress.com is extremely easy and doesn’t require any technical skills, while WordPress.org is relatively easy but require you to know some technical skills such as host platform knowledge
  • Theme options: WordPress.com offers hundreds of themes, while org provides thousands of themes
  • Plugins options: Both offers thousands of free and paid plugins options
  • Customization: WordPress.com has limited customization possibilities, while WordPress.org is completely customizable
  • Help/support features: WordPress.com offers live chat, email, and forum support, while WordPress.org provides additional external supports from forums, host, and developers
  • Security and backup options: WordPress.com offers internal maintenance while WordPress.org requires complete self-maintenance
  • Monetization upgrades: WordPress.com offers limited monetization features (depending on purchased plan) while WordPress.org has no monetization limit.

Which Platform Is Ideal For You?

Both platforms have their own benefits and drawbacks – as you can conclude from the previous section of this article. When it comes to the most suitable platform to choose, it depends on what you’re going to use your website for and your available budget.

For personal projects such as space to share your hobby, thoughts, or as a testing site, WordPress.com is probably a better choice. It allows you to start for free with user-friendly features. Moreover, you won’t need to worry about its maintenance.

Meanwhile, if you are planning to create a more sophisticated website such as for professional blogging, project, or business purposes, you may want to consider using WordPress.org. It is an ideal choice especially if you want limitless customization and monetization possibilities.

In general, most experts are most likely to recommend you to use WordPress.org when it comes to the debate of whether ‘WordPress.org vs WordPress.com’ is better. After all, this platform is what’s used by various types of website owners, including business owners, pro-blogger, and renowned brands such as Disney.

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