Top 4 WordPress Membership Plugins for 2022

Are you building a WordPress membership site? This article will help you find the best WordPress membership plugin in 2022.

Membership websites like Learning Management Systems (LMS), Subscription Sites, and Association Memberships are popular among small businesses and individuals.

For instance, experts believe that the LMS market will value around $28 billion by 2025, with North America and Europe contributing a significant portion of the revenue. Likewise, subscription-based sites allow businesses to retain customers and build long-term relationships.

In short, starting an LMS platform or Subscription site is beneficial in 2022, and WordPress membership plugins are the easiest way of implementing them on your site.

How to choose a membership WordPress plugin

WordPress membership plugins serve different purposes and offer specific features for a membership site. For instance, some membership plugins are good for single-level subscriptions, while others will provide advanced membership features.

Likewise, you can also find membership plugins that allow users to release new content slowly, while others will help you make your content anonymous and hidden.

You will also have to manage your payment gateways like PayPal and credit cards and ensure that the membership plugin supports these payment systems. In short, you will have to evaluate your website requirements before implementing these plugins.

How to set up a WordPress members plugin

Before creating your membership site, you will have to choose the best hosting according to your budget. For instance, Bluehost is an affordable hosting platform, powering more than 30% of websites in 2022. Likewise, you can opt for WPEngine if you don’t have any budget issues.

After choosing your hosting plan, you can set up your domain name and other settings to launch your membership site. Once you’re ready with your website, you need to install a WordPress membership plugin like MemberPress.

Here are the steps to install MemberPress:

  • Install MemberPress and activate the plugin
  • Once activated, configure the settings according to your preferences
  • Next, set your payment gateways like PayPal or Stripe
  • Create membership levels
  • Set up the membership terms like price, access time, and billing type
  • Configure the Registration, Permissions, and Price Box sections
  • Configure the Access Rules

Once you’re done setting up your membership plugin, you can proceed with creating a pricing page and login form.

4 Best WordPress Membership Plugins For 2022

MemberPress – Best membership plugin for WordPress

MemberPress offers many robust features and is one of the most easy-to-use WordPress membership plugins. It comes with an easy to setup interface where you can set membership plans with minimal fuss. You can set up pricing plans, create access rules, and allows you to integrate third-party clients like MailChimp.

MemberPress – Best membership plugin for WordPress
source: memberpress

MemberPress is one of the best plugins for creating and selling online courses as it comes with an interactive learning interface that allows users to complete their courses. Additionally, MemberPress features inbuilt support for payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal, making it efficient for fast and secure payments.


  • Easy to set up
  • It comes with content access control
  • You can set up content dripping to restrict content after elapsing a specific time
  • Excellent for creating and selling learning materials and online courses
  • It supports third-party integrations
  • It comes with native support for payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal


  • No credit card payment support

Teachable – Best members WordPress plugin for online courses

If you are looking for a membership plugin for discussion forums, online courses, or LMS platforms, Teachable is undoubtedly worth considering. Teachable has an intuitive interface that allows users to create membership content without technical skills.

Teachable – Best members WordPress plugin for online courses
source: teachable

You can create text, videos, or PDFs and use its drip content feature to manage subscription levels. This WordPress plugin also has various engagement features like certificates, contact forms, and discussion forums to enhance user engagement and build long-term relationships.


  • Easy to use
  • You can manage the content rollout using the drip content feature
  • It comes with several engagement features to enhance the user experience
  • Inbuilt tools to create PDFs, text, and videos


  • More expensive than other WordPress membership plugins

LearnDash – Best WordPress plugin membership for LMS

LearnDash is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that offers advanced membership modules and several inbuilt community features to boost your LMS platform. For instance, you can organize membership content into groups using LearnDash’s advanced tools.

LearnDash – Best WordPress plugin membership for LMS
source: learndash

Likewise, you can use the advanced modules to create online courses and manage the learning material with the drip content feature. Furthermore, you can integrate multiple payment gateways into the system or connect LearnDash with WooCommerce or MemberPress to get better results.


  • Easy to set up
  • It comes with advanced features for content restrictions
  • Easy to create, manage, and sell online courses
  • It features a drip content feature to restrict content access
  • It comes with many inbuilt community features
  • You can set up multiple payment gateways
  • You can integrate LearnDash with other platforms like WooCommerse and MemberPress


  • A bit expensive

S2Member – Best free WordPress subscription plugin

S2Member is a subscription plugin WordPress offers in free and paid plans. You can download the free version and use it on your website. However, you will have to upgrade to the pro version to access all the features.

S2Member – Best free WordPress subscription plugin

For instance, the pro plan comes with a drip content feature and supports multiple payment gateways. Likewise, you can also integrate other platforms like MailChimp and BuddyPress using the pro version. Furthermore, you will also get email support with the paid plan.


  • It comes with a free plan
  • It supports multiple payment gateways
  • You can integrate other platforms like bbPress and MailChimp
  • You can get email support with the paid plan


  • The free version supports only one payment gateway

Best WordPress membership plugins – Wrap Up.

Subscription models are growing in popularity, with 82% of businesses using this tactic to boost their revenue. WordPress membership plugins help companies and individuals to manage their resources better and build long-term relationships with their audience.

Hopefully, our guide has helped you understand the importance of membership plugins and how you can implement one to boost your online presence.

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