6 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins for 2023

Trying to make it big in the podcasting world? Well then, you better get yourself a rock-solid WordPress podcast plugin.

As we know, podcasting has become an enormous market over the last two decades, amassing an audience of over 100 million listeners. It is easily one of the fastest-growing industries in the 22nd century and continues to expand indefinitely.

Crowd favorites like Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro have all but taken over the podcast market with their content. This inspires millions more to follow in their footsteps and grow their own sphere of influence.

If you’re someone looking to start your own podcast, congratulations, you’re on the right track!

However, with over 2 million podcasters worldwide, you’re gonna need all the help you can get. What’s more, there are around 48 million individual episodes of content to complete with. Aren’t things starting to sound bleak already?

That’s why it’s a good idea to equip yourself with the best WordPress podcast plugin out there, especially if you’re new to the game.

But before we dive into our list of podcast WordPress plugins, let’s first understand what a podcast is in the first place.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an episodic series of content (audio and video) that can be viewed on the internet via individual websites. It’s basically like a talk show that you can watch or listen to on several internet platforms. Most podcasts are free to stream/download, while some have a subscription fee.

Do you really need plugins for your podcast?

While it isn’t necessary to have a podcast plugin for WordPress, we definitely recommend you get one.

Podcasts, like anything else in the entertainment industry, are highly competitive in nature. The sheer number of podcasters alone makes it difficult for newcomers to find and captivate an audience.

While individual skill and creativity play a significant in your podcast’s success, there are other elements to watch out for as well. As a new podcaster, your first and most difficult challenge is being found. This can be frustrating as the world is already filled with millions of people with skin in the game.

Podcast plugins offer a range of features that elevate the success of your work and ensure that you get enough exposure. They also provide vital functions such as optimizing your SEO to increase your visibility.

Let us take a look at our list of the best plugins for WordPress podcast users.

Best WordPress Podcasting Plugins


First up on our list is the incredible Fusebox podcast player. This nifty application offers tons of customization capabilities to wet your bone. The plugin lets you customize almost everything to your desired requirements.

source: Fusebox

With Fusebox, you choose and edit exactly how you want your podcast to look. It allows you to change and customize your channel’s color, design, and episode artwork. It really is something of a visual tool.

What’s more, you can edit technical aspects of your channel, such as the speed of your audio podcast. This is an impressive feature and much needed in podcast plugins as a whole.

If that isn’t enough, you’ll be glad to know that the free version of Fusebox allows for up to ten thousand listeners for up to three different shows.

Blubrry PowerPress

Blubrry PowerPress is a fantastic tool for podcasters looking to significantly increase their audience. The best highlight of this plugin is the built-in SEO capabilities that automatically adjust your settings for the best outcome.

Blubrry PowerPress
source: Blubrry

The plugin handles crucial technical aspects such as episodic metadata and adjustments to RSS feed prefixes. What’s more, it offers a dedicated media player with multiple versions for both audio and video files.

PowerPress has been compared to some of the best SEO tools, such as Yoast and Rank math. To top it all off, it’s absolutely free!


Podlove is another free-to-use plugin that offers a promising range of features and customizations. It comes attached with the web player plugin, which is an excellent lightweight HTML5 video/audio player.

source: Podlove

Podlove allows plenty of customizations, such as setting podcast landing pages and establishing permalink structures for your episodes. What’s more, the plugin lets you combine your podcast feeds and blogs, which is a feature you don’t see in many plugins.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Setting up your podcast is made extremely simple and relaxed with Seriously Simple Podcasting. We love the convenient user interface and quick access mechanism; you can achieve a lot with just one click! This includes crucial functions like accessing transcripts and statistical data.

Seriously Simple Podcasting
source: castos – Seriously Simple Podcasting

Although the plugin is free, it further adds a number of add-ons and extensions that improve your overall podcast quality. Who said you have to spend money to make money?


If you love organizing giveaway contests for your audience, then we have the perfect plugin for you.

source: RafflePress

RafflePress is a giveaway plugin by WordPress and focuses primarily on boosting your podcast’s audience. It does this by helping you build attractive giveaway services with beautifully crafted custom templates and designs. Everything is already made and prepared for you; all you have to do is point and click!

You can enjoy most of its features for free. However, there is a premium version available with added features. Subscribe to RafflePress now at a reasonable price of $49 per year.


One of the most critical aspects that determine the success of your podcast is promotion and marketing. That’s why at number 6, we have a powerful WordPress plugin that focuses on that very aspect.

source: OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a plugin that lets you use a range of wonderful pre-designed popups that promote your content. Each of these popups is perfectly timed and attuned to the behavior of your website visitors. It does this with the help of Exit-intent technology, which specializes in capturing the interest of your visitors.

OptinMonster is a reliable plugin for increasing your total web traffic and boosting your podcast visibility.

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