WP Engine vs Bluehost: Which Is Better for WordPress?

Are you trying to figure out your best option between WP Engine vs Bluehost? We got you covered. Bluehost and WP Engine are both top choices in hosting, and they are both considered the best hosting services in the market for a WordPress website.

Usage statistics of WP Engine as web hosting provider

WP Engine is possibly one of the most popular managed host providers for a WordPress site since they offer exclusive hosting only for WordPress, and it is used as a web hosting provider by 1.8% of all websites. While the pricing for the services provided by WP Engine may be considered a little expensive, most businesses and websites thrive from what they offer.

Usage statistics of Bluehost as web hosting provider

On the other hand, Bluehost offers a wide variety of hosting services, including WordPress, and is used as a web hosting provider by 1.3% of all websites. It is popular among the folks on a budget and beginners since it’s cost-efficient and extremely easy to use but offers exceptional performance.

In this article, we’ll get into detail about WP Engine vs Bluehost. That includes features, pricing, ratings, reviews, and all you need to know before choosing the right host.

WP Engine vs Bluehost: Features

WP Engine features

  • 24/7 chat and phone support
  • 30 plus StudioPress themes
  • Smart Plugin Manager
  • Free automated SSL certificates
  • Best page performance
  • Multiple add-ons
  • World-class architecture technology
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Worldwide CDN

Bluehost features

  • Automated Backup for 1 year (free)
  • Domain privacy (free)
  • One website for the basic plan and unlimited for higher-priced plans
  • Automatic updates and WordPress installation
  • A Secure setup of login credentials
  • 50GB storage, but you get unlimited bandwidth and storage for higher plans.
  • 24/7 chat support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

WP Engine vs Bluehost: Ease of use

If you’re new to WordPress, Bluehost is a great provider you can opt for since it offers easy support and an easy dashboard that doesn’t confuse you. It also provides one of the best website performances. Hosting websites is made highly efficient since Bluehost offers its customers a 1-click installation, and this feature helps you navigate through your website without breaking a sweat.

While Bluehost certainly gives you the pleasure of comfort by taking care of installing WordPress for you, you’re on your own if you wish to have a website migrated to a Bluehost shared plan. They take a professional transfer fee of $149.99 to do this.

On the other hand, WP Engine does not come beginner-friendly with its services. They do not offer more straightforward methods than Bluehost but offer more advanced and premium functionality for you. The dashboard allows you much more options to control and micromanage your websites.

WP Engine is usually effective with a more technical customer, so if you are well versed in handling websites, it offers you much more functionality than its counterpart, i.e. Bluehost.

WP Engine vs Bluehost: Pricing

WP Engine offers a managed hosting service, and given the fact that managed hosting services are mostly preferred, they don’t come in cheap. Here is the complete WP engine pricing.

WP engine pricing

WP Engine pricing ranges from $25/month to $242/month for the managed hosting services, which are the 4 managed host plans with a 1-years billing period.

  • Startup ($25/month) this price range is reasonable for the included resources and features. You get a robust website that’ll do the job. You get 25000 visits/month, 50GB bandwidth and 10 GB storage with this plan, including 1 site.
  • Professional (40$/month) this is the best value according to WP Engine, and they offer 75000 visits/month, 15GB storage, 125GB bandwidth, and 3 sites.
  • Growth (96$/month) this plan comes with 10 sites, 100,000 visits/month, 20GB storage and 200GB bandwidth/month.
  • Scale ($242/mo) considered a more premium plan and for bigger businesses, it comes with 400,000 visits/month, includes 30+ websites 50GB storage and 500GB bandwidth/ month.

These plans come with automated plugin updates, top-notch security, and many more functionalities. They also offer a custom plan for more significant enterprises and businesses. Choosing the right plan that fits perfectly for you depend on what you’re looking for.

Bluehost Pricing

The shared hosting for Bluehost comes incredibly cheap with its plan starting from just $2.59/month up to $13.95/month, also with a 3-year billing plan. All the plans come with 24/7 chat support.

  • Basic ($2.95/month) this plan offers 1 website, 50 GB storage, and custom themes.
  • Plus and Choice plus ($5.45/month) offers unlimited storage and websites. Choice plus’s the only difference is that Choice plus offers you free domain privacy and free automated Backup for 1 year.
  • Pro ($13.95/month) the only difference between the Choice plus is that this plan offers optimized CPU resources.

Bluehost recommends its customers the Choice plus plan for the best value. However, you can pick any of these plans that are best suited for you.

WP Engine vs Bluehost: Performance

After countless research on the performance of both these great hosters, WP Engine beats Blue host on performance since WP Engine has a 99.95% uptime guarantee while Bluehost has none. Here, a straightforward speed test, uptime, and response time with stats can be seen.

Ratings and reviews: Bluehost vs WP Engine

Bluehost ratings: Blue host is rated 4.9 out of 5 on wpressbeginner.com and ranked as the #1 choice almost everywhere, including websitebuilderexpert.com

WP Engine: WP Engine is rated at 4.6 out of 5 to 4.8/5 on most websites, and it is known to be best suited for big businesses, according to websitebuilderexpert.com.


Bluehost is more than excellent with its easy-to-use features and beginner-friendly hosting. It comes at a very affordable price and gives top-notch performances but doesn’t offer functions that most hosting services do on its level.

On the other hand, with WP Engine, the plans are considered a little more expensive than Bluehost, but it does the best job at hosting, providing you with advanced functionalities.

With WP Engine, you need to have a little bit of knowledge on managing websites before starting with the functions it offers. WP Engine is mainly used for businesses on a larger scale, but you can opt for it if you don’t mind the higher price plans.

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